10 Popular Decorative Indoor Houseplants in India

Houseplants are grown indoors with limited sunlight and water, commonly grown for decorative display and indoor air purification. Here is the list of most popular indoor houseplants for decorative purpose.

Croton Plant


Croton Plants are one of the most colorful species of houseplants, native to Indonesia and Malaysia. The Croton tiglium are used for oil and used in traditional Indian medicine of Ayurveda.

Dragon Plant

Dragon plant species are native to Africa but also found in few place of southern Asia and Australia. The shrubby species of Dragon plants are very popular as houseplants and marketed as lucky bamboo.

Snake Plant


Snake Plant is an evergreen perennial plant also known as mother-in-law’s tongue plant, the stiff dark green leaves grow vertically. It is one of the best known sources for plant fibers and now a popular indoors houseplant in cooler climates.

Spider Plant


Chlorophytum comosum is known as spider plant or airplane plant, A popular houseplant in India. Spider plants are very easy to grow, sold in hanging baskets and known to reduce indoor air pollution.

Rubber Plant


Rubber Plant or Indian rubber tree is species of the fig genus and from the same banyan group of figs. Ficus elastica grown as an ornamental plant, Roots of the tree were used for living bridges in India.



Cacti are grown as ornamental plants, houseplants, indoor plants as well as grown in greenhouses and kept in pots on the ground. Cactus are not only popular ornamental plants but also used for human food and in herbal medicine.

Money Plant


The golden pothos vine is the most popular houseplant in India as well as in temperate regions of worldwide. Epipremnum aureum known as money plant in the Indian subcontinent and often used in decorative displays.

Aloe Plant


Aloe vera used for decorative purposes and the most popular houseplant as well as medicinal plant of India. The agricultural and medicinal uses of Aloe vera in India has promoted the use for skin treatment in Ayurvedic medicine.

Weeping Fig


Weeping Fig is native to Asia and Australia and a very popular houseplant in India, commonly seen roadside parks and around urban areas.

Areca Palm


Areca Palm not only gained great popularity in India as a houseplant but also known as exotic palms because of their great beauty. The butterfly palm grown as an ornamental plant in gardens, popular for growing indoors, outdoors and fairly common in private gardens of India.

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