10 Unique Indian Fruits You Should Know About

India is one of the top producer of fruits in the world, We came up with list of rare and unique fruits of India, you should try this year.

Jungle Jalebi/Ganga Imli (Pithecellobium Dulce)


This fruit is known by many names such as Sweet Tamarind, Jungle Jalebi or Ganga Imli, It contain 28% protein.

Star Fruit (Carambola)


Star Fruit or Carambola is a yellow green fruit and also used for juice drinks. The entire fruit is edible and mixed with chopped spices for flavour.

Tendu/Indian ebony (Diospyros melanoxylon)


Tendu fruit or Indian ebony is native to India and the leaves are used to create the Indian beedi.

Bael (Wood Apple)


Bael species of tree are native to India and considered to be sacred by Hindus. The bael fruit is hard to crack but very tasty pulp.

Cashew Apple (Anacardium occidentale)


Cashew tree is a large tree, native to India and also occurs in Vietnam and Ivory Coast. Cashew Apple are edible and nuts are commonly used in Indian cuisine.

Goolar (Ficus racemosa)

Audumbar _Tree

Indian fig tree, Udumbara or Goolar is the favourite fruit of Indian macaque monkeys and known as Udumbara in Buddhism.

Taal/Palm (Borassus flabellifer)

Palmyra palm

Taal or Palm tree are large robust tree, native to the Indian subcontinent and has black husk fruit.

Indian Hog Plum (Spondias pinnata)

Indian Hog Plum also known as yellow mombin used for fresh juice and one of the most popular fruit of south India.

Kosham (Schleichera oleosa)


Kosham is a wild fruit from Chhattisgarh and only one species of Schleichera oleosa, native to Indian Subcontinent.

Kawath Fruit (Limonia acidissima)


Kawath fruit is also known as wood apple and elephant apple, native to the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia. The fruit is very hard and difficult to crack and looks similar in appearance to the Bael fruit.

Other most popular fruits of India also include:

Buddha’s Hand fruit is mostly found in northeastern India and got its name due to finger like sections. There are list of exotic fruits in India such as Tamarillo, Langsat, Japani Phal and Purple Mangosteen.


Langsat Fruit
Japani Phal
Purple Mangosteen
Singhada (water Chestnut )
Kokum (Garcinia indica)
Khajur (Date Palm)
Chanya Manya Bor (Jhar-berry)
Rasbhari (Cape Gooseberry)
Char/Chironji (Buchanania lanzan)
Karonda (Carandas Cherry)
Shahtoot (Mulberries)

Jamun/Black Plum (Syzygium cumini)


Amla/Indian Gooseberry (Phyllanthus emblica)


Ber/Indian Plum (Ziziphus mauritiana)

Ramphal and Sitaphal (Custard Apple and Sugar Apple)



Ramphal and Sitaphal are two different fruits, known by the name of Custard apples and bullock’s heart in India. The South Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala are best place to taste Ramphal in India.

Bilimbi Fruit

Bilimbi Fruit or Irumban Puli now cultivated and found throughout the coastal regions of South India. The fruit is close relative of carambola fruit and also used for making pickles.

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