15 Most Colorful Summer Flowering Trees of India

Flowering trees,plant and shrubs make a bold landscape design and bloom in different seasons. Here is the most beautiful flowering trees for the Garden that blooms during the dry season of early summer.

Forest of Flame (Butea monosperma)


Flame of the forest tree or palash is native to the Indian Subcontinent and produce bright orange-red flowers, associated with spring also the State flower of Jharkhand.

Palash is a slow growing tree and leaves are used to make a leaf plates, flowers are used to prepare a traditional Holi colour and gum from the tree used in leather.

Pride of India (Lagerstroemia speciosa)


The banaba tree widely cultivated as an ornamental plant and known as pride of India and Mahaasona in Sanskrit. The flowers of Lagerstroemia speciosa blooms only once in a year at the peak of summer season and is the state flower of Maharashtra.

Golden Shower (Cassia fistula)

Golden Rain Tree

Indian laburnum commonly known as golden shower tree is native to the Indian subcontinent and very popular ornamental tree in India, also used for herbal medicine in Ayurved and state flower of Kerala.

Blue Jacaranda (Jacaranda mimosifolia)


The fern tree or blue jacaranda widely planted across India and very attractive for its pale indigo flowers. Blue jacaranda trees are planted as street trees, ornamental trees in parks and gardens.

Royal Poinciana (Delonix regia)

Delonix regia tree is known as Gulmohar in India, grown as an ornamental tree and also a useful shade tree. The royal poinciana has red, orange and yellow flowers very rare also referred as the May flower tree in India.

Yellow Flame (Peltophorum pterocarpum)


The yellow flame tree is native to Asia and one of the most popular ornamental tree grown in India. Yellow flamboyant or copperpod widely planted alternately in India with Delonix regia for striking yellow and red flowers in summer season.

Albizia Lebbek (Albizia lebbeck)


Albizia lebbeck tree is the most common species of Albizia worldwide and simply called siris in India. The bark of lebbeck is used medicinally and cultivated as a shade tree in India also to produce timber along with albizia saman.

Albizia Saman (Samanea saman)


Albizia Saman or rain tree is a large canopied tree with beautiful pinkish flowers covering the whole tree. The pink siris tree fold leaves during the rainy weather and in the evening.

Saraca Ashoka (Saraca asoca)


Saraca asoca tree is an important tree in the cultural traditions of India and known for its beautiful and fragrant flowers bloom around February to April and used in cosmetics and Ayurveda.

Cassod Senna (Senna siamea)


Senna siamea is also known as kassod tree ir Siamese cassia, has medicinal value with pods and seeds are edible. kassod tree species are used as ornamental plants and for landscaping in India.

Red Cotton Tree (Bombax ceiba)


Bombax ceiba is commonly known as cotton tree or red silk cotton or just kapok tree along with Ceiba pentandra. The red cotton tree produces beautiful red flowers bloom in March/April during the summer season.


Ceiba pentandra or Kapok tree is another popular tree in India, cultivated for the seed fibre and known as Safed semal in India. Ceiba pentandra tree is also source of kapok oil is produced in India, used as fertilizer.

Nandi Flame (Spathodea campanulata)

The African tulip tree planted throughout the tropics as an ornamental tree for reddish orange flowers and known as rugtoora in Hindi, has become an invasive species.
There is another species of tulip tree known as Indian tulip tree (Thespesia populnea) or Portia tree with cup shaped red-yellow flowers.

Sunshine Coral (Erythrina variegata)


Erythrina variegata is also known as Indian coral tree or sunshine tree, grows wild across India and flowers bloom during dry season. Indian coral tree is a thorny tree with red flowers and valued as an ornamental tree.

Mountain Ebony (Bauhinia variegata)

Bauhinia variegata known as kachnar in India and a very popular ornamental tree. Kachnar flowers are used as an ingredient in many Indian recipes and used as vegetable and to make achaar, also uses in Ayurvedic and herbal medicine.

Yellow Trumpet Tree (Handroanthus chrysotrichus)

Yellow Trumpet Tree is from the tropical region of the Indian Subcontinent. The yellow flowering tree usually found in dry deciduous forest and flowers are used as temple offerings.


Tecoma stans is another most popular species of yellow flowering tree with tubular flowers along with Kapok Silk cotton tree,Indian Tulip Tree, Leucaena leucocephala, Indian cork tree and Indian tulip tree.

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