15 Vine Creepers and Climbing Plants in India

Climbing plants are vines and best suited for open wall, balcony and as curtains for display. Here is the list of best wall climbing flowering plants, vines and creepers found in India.

Bougainvillea (कागज के फूल)


Bougainvillea are very popular thorny ornamental vines and also known as paperflower. The paperflower are popular ornamental plants and there are 300 varieties of bougainvillea around the world.

Money Plant


Devil’s ivy is the most popular houseplant commonly known as money plant in the Indian subcontinent. The plant used in aquariums but listed as toxic to cats and dogs.

Star Jasmine (बेला)


Star Jasmine or confederate jessamine is a white flowering vine commonly grown as an ornamental plant in gardens for landscapes and flowers and used in perfumery.

Butterfly Pea

Blue Pea

Butterfly pea is also known as Shankhpushpi in India and its flower are used as a natural food colouring also In traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

Curtain Creeper (पर्दा बेल)

Curtain Creeper plant is known as parda bel in India, grown particularly for its nature of forming a curtain like gallery and spectacular green display on the wall.

Rangoon Creeper (मधुमालती)


Rangoon Creeper vine with red and pink flowers are found in Asia and known as Madhumalti in India. Madhumalti plant is used as an herbal medicine and found in secondary forests of India.

Railway Creeper

Railway Creeper is a species of morning glory and one of the most common evergreen creepers found in gardens and around railway stations.

Flame Vine


Flame Vine also known as orange trumpetvine is a well known garden flower species but also grown indoors and walls of your balcony.

Garlic Vine

Garlic Vine grows in the favourable climates of India with beautiful flowers. It is native to South America and has been exported overseas also a remedy in Amazon forest.

Allamanda Vine


Allamanda Vine or yellow allamanda flowering plant is native to Brazil. The yellow flower vine grow rapidly and also been used in traditional medicine for various purposes.

Bengal Clock Vine

Bengal clockvine is native to India and cultivated as a houseplant in tropical regions. The plant is sometimes grown for food, medicine and as an ornamental plant.

Blue Trumpet Vine

Blue trumpet vine blooms in spring and summer and a very popular ornamental plant in tropical gardens also one of the fast growing perennial plant.

Bleeding Heart Vine

Bleeding heart vine is a very beautiful flowering plant grown as an ornamental plant that bloom in the Summer.

Common Morning Glory


Morning glory is native to most of the tropical world and very popular in Japan, also widely naturalized in India.

Purple Passionflower (कृष्ण कमल)


Purple passionflower is a fast growing vine and used as an herbal medicine, The plant is also known as Krishna Kamal in India that produces purple and blue flowers.

Dodder (अमर बेल)


Cuscuta or dodder is a parasitic plant found throughout the tropical regions of the world. The parasitic vine or Amar Bel host several medicinal properties and used on abscesses and itching.

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