Top 15 Unique Fruits to Grow in Your Backyard

Unusual fruits to grow in garden and farm but here is the most unique fruits you can grow in your backyard. The unique, exotic fruit and tropical fruits found in India also include Rose apple, Breadfruit, Japani phal, Passion fruit and langsat. Image source – pixabay


Bael (Aegle marmelos) or stone apple tree is considered to be sacred by Hindus. The fruit size is similar to a large grapefruit or pomelo and Kaith but the pulp is very aromatic and used to make sharbat during the summer in India.


Kaith also known as wood apple (Limonia acidissima) is looks similar in appearance to the Bael fruit and native to India and Sri Lanka, used to make a fruit juice, sharbat and pickle.



Rasbhari (Physalis peruviana) plant and fruit are commonly called Cape gooseberry, cultivated for exotic exported fruit, related to Indian gooseberry and also used in Ayurveda for treatment of disorders.



Shahatut or mulberry is a fast-growing flowering plants and used in folk medicine. The black, red and green edible mulberry fruits are used in pies, tarts, wines and the leaves and tree are good home for Silk industry.



Indian catmon (Dillenia indica) also known as elephant apple is a large hard fruit used in Indian cuisine in curries. The wild fruit is the main source of food for wild elephants in the Buxa Tiger Reserve.


Chakotra fruit is the largest citrus fruit and very similar in appearance to a large grapefruit, used in throughout Southeast Asia and favourite fruit in the winters of Uttarakhand.


Carambola fruit cultivated throughout tropical areas and the entire fruit is edible. The star fruit is cultivated commercially in India and also grown as ornamentals in your backyard.



Karonda or Carissa carandas produces berries used in Indian pickles and spices, grows naturally in Western Ghats of India. The fruit is also used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat fever, treat acidity and indigestion.



Lasoda fruit or gunda (Cordia dichotoma) is another medium sized deciduous tree, found in the forest Western Ghats from the dry deciduous forests of Rajasthan to West Bengal and used for pickle in Rajasthan.


Bilimbi fruit tree is very close relative of the carambola tree, grown around Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Goa for making pickles. The small tropical tree found throughout Indonesia and cultivated sour or an acidic flavor fruit.



Phalsa or Falsa fruit (Grewia asiatica) widely cultivated for edible purple to black fruit, used to make sherbet or squash in India during the summer to beat the heat.



Buchanania lanzan tree also known as Chironji in India, seeds are used in the Ayurveda for medicine. The almond flavoured seeds are commonly used in sweets in India, mostly in rice Kheer.

Chhattisgarh state is known for cultivation of Charoli fruit, grows wild around the state and other wild fruits of Chhattisgarh also include Tendu, Kosam, Char and Makoiya.


Khirni (Manilkara hexandra) or yellow berries is native to the Indian Subcontinent, only available between April and June.


Ambarella or Indian hog plum is a tropical tree and know for its edible fruit. The oval shape green color fruit eaten fresh with salt and used to make jams, jellies.

Palmyra Palm

Palmyra Palm also known as toddy palm or ice apple is native to the Indian subcontinent and source of Palm wine known as Toddy or Tadi in India.

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