Top 20 Useful and Fruitful Trees for Your Farm House

We have listed most popular fruit plants and small tree to grow in your farm house or you can grow these in your backyard as well. Tress should be an important part of the human culture in India and at least one tree per year has to plant by an individual.

Banana Plant


Banana also used for the plants that produce the Banana fruit. The banana plant is the largest herbaceous flowering plant.

Papaya Plant


Papaya is a small branched plant, cultivated in most tropical countries. Papaya fruit and pulp contains water, vitamin C and carbohydrates and the leaves are used for treatment for dengu and malaria.

Pomegranate Tree


Pomegranate is a small tree cultivated throughout the Middle East and India. A shrub also grown as ornamental trees in some parks and gardens.

Mulberry Plant/Morus


Morus Plant or mulberry tree is a fast growing tree and the fruit is edible too. The fruit and leaves contains significant amounts of resveratrol.

Cashew Tree/Anacardium occidentale


Anacardium occidentale is large and evergreen tree and fruit is called cashew apple and cashew nut inside. The cashew tree is native to Brazil and Portuguese took it to Goa in India.

Custard Apple/Annona squamosa


Custard apple tree it the most widely cultivated species of family Annonaceae. In traditional Indian medicine leaves of Custard apple tree are used to heal wounds and to treat dysentery.

Chiku/Manilkara zapota


Manilkara zapota is known as sapota and Chiku in India and the fruit has an exceptionally sweet flavor. Sapota fruits contains high amounts of saponin, cultivated in many some parts of India.

Guava/Psidium guajava

Psidium guajava or common guava is an evergreen small tree and the fruits are edible. India is the largest producer of guavas, Important varieties of guava fruit from India are Allahabad Safeda, Chittidar, Harijha, Hafshi, Apple guava and Allahabadi Surkha.

Indian Almond/Terminalia catappa

Terminalia catappa tree is grown as an ornamental tree for shade and wild fruit. The large leaves and distinctively arranged branches of Terminalia catappa are evergreen tree.

Indian Fig Tree/Ficus racemosa


Ficus racemosa or cluster fig tree is native to Indian subcontinent and favourite food of the Indian macaque. Indian fig or gular is also known as audumbar tree,both sacred and fruitful.

Drumstick Tree/Moringa oleifera

Moringa oleifera is a fast growing tree and a drought resistant tree as well. Young leaves are used for herbal medicine and India is the largest producer of moringa.

Jackfruit Tree/Artocarpus heterophyllus


Jackfruit Tree is native to southwest India and the fruit is largest tree borne fruit. The jackfruit is the state fruit of the Tamil Nadu and Kerala, Kerala is the largest producer of jackfruit in the world.

Indian Jujube/Ziziphus mauritiana


Indian jujube or Indian plum is a tropical fruit tree from the Indian Subcontinent. Ziziphus mauritiana are wild growing plants as well as common trees of semi arid regions of India.

Mango Tree/Mangifera indica


Mango is the national fruit of India and have been cultivated in South Asia too. Mangoes are very popular in India and in Tamil Nadu mango is one of the three royal fruits with banana and jackfruit.

Jamun/Syzygium cumini

Syzygium cumini is native to the Indian Subcontinent, known as black plum or jamun. The fruit tends to colour the tongue purple with its sweet, mildly sour flavor.

Gooseberry Tree/Phyllanthus acidus


Phyllanthus acidus or Gooseberry tree with edible small yellow berries fruit tastes sour and tart. The plant is also used medicinally in India and produces fruit throughout the year.

Jungli Jalebi/Pithecellobium dulce


Jungli Jalebi is an invasive species and a drought resistant tree. Pithecellobium dulce goes by the name Madras thorn in India and used in medicine too.

Indian Date/Phoenix sylvestris


Phoenix sylvestris or wild Indian date is native to India and fruit used to make wine and toddy. Phoenix dactylifera Palm tree are also cultivated for its edible sweet fruit in Saudi Arabia.

Toddy Palm/Borassus flabellifer

Borassus flabellifer is native to Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent. Toddy palm trees are an attractive ornamental tree and official tree of Tamil Nadu.

Coconut Tree/Cocos nucifera


Coconut Tree is a Plant growing up to 30 m, originated in the India–Indonesia region. Coconut palms are grown around the world, India is third largest producer of Coconut in the world, cultivation states of India are the of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka to Lakshadweep.

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