10 Gigantic Hills and Huge Rocks of India

Geology of India is diverse that contain different sizes of rocks belonging to different region such as Big Boulders of Hampi,Yana rocks,Pillar Rocks and Savandurga Hill. India is also home to largest monolith hills of Asia and one of the huge pillar like rocks in Mountains such as Elephant’s Head, Lingana Pinnacle,Elephant Hill and Anamudi Peak.

Toad Rock


Toad Rock known as The mascot of Mount Abu, is a huge rock that looks like a toad and one of the most frequented point in Mount Abu along with Nakki Lake and Dilwara temple. There is another rock named as Turtle rock near the Nakki Lake in the highest peak of Guru Shikhar.

Elephant’s Head


Needle Hole Point or Elephant Point is located to the east of Mahabaleshwar, The cliff looks like an elephant’s head and trunk is one of the best points to be visited in Mahabaleshwar.



Yanaimalai also known as Elephant Hill is one of the major tourist attraction and a protected monument in Tamil Nadu. The hill has Jain sculptures, Shaivite and a Vaishnavite temple and considered as one of the natural wonders of India.

Savandurga Hill


Savandurga Hill is largest monolith hills in India, located 60 km west of Bangalore. The hill is known for Narasimha Swamy temple and one of the best place for trekking and good weekend getaways in Bangalore.

Lingana Pinnacle


Lingana is a massive pinnacle, located in the Sahyadris ranges between Raigad and Torna. The 2969 feet high Lingana pinnacle is one of the most difficult trek in Maharashtra.

Pillar Rocks


Pillar Rocks in Kodaikanal is one of the 26 Geological Wonders of India, measuring to a height of about 400 feet. The Kodaikanal Pillar Rocks are made up of three massive granite rocks.

Hampi Boulders


Hampi Boulders were part of the gigantic mountain of rock and one of the oldest exposed surfaces on earth. Rock Formation and Big Boulders of Hampi offers an amazing landscape of rocky mountain and ruins of the now lost Vijayanagar Empire.

Louisa Rock


Louisa Point is one of the 38 designated look-out points in Matheran hill station of Maharashtra. All points in Matheran offers different angle to view Western Ghats range but Louis Point offers view of the ruined forts of Prabal and Vishalgarh.

Natural Arch


Natural Arch at Tirumala hills is a distinctive geological wonders of India and one of the few natural arches or bridges in Asia. The natural geological arch at the foot of a picturesque range of hills is one of the best place to visit in Andhra Pradesh.

Huge Rock


Chadayamangalam village is famous for huge Black Rocks, situated on the southeast side of Kottarakkara. The place has huge sculpture of the Great Bird Jatayu and the rock got the name Jadayupara.

Kunti Betta


Kunti Betta is a picturesque hill in the quaint town of Padavapura at an average elevation of 709 metres (2326 feet). Kunti Betta hill is famous for night trek near Bangalore and standout among the most famous and thrilling trekking place in India.

– Balancing Rock of India

There are number of balancing rocks in India but Mahabalipuram and JabalpurĀ Balancing rocks are among the most famous, others includes Balancing rock at Hampi,Balancing rock at Kanha park and Balancing rock near Mawlynnong.


India is home to few naturally occurring large rock or boulders resting on other rocks at Mahabalipuram,Jabalpur and Hampi. These Balancing rock of India are famous natural wonder of country and top balancing rocks around the world.

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