10 Most Famous Style of Paintings In India

Indian paintings provide the tradition of art from the stone age like rock paintings found in Ajanta Caves and Bhimbetka rock shelters. There are two murals and miniatures style of paintings in India in broad way.

Further divided as Mughal painting influenced by Persian miniatures and Rajput, Pahari and Kerala mural painting style, Pattachitra,Kalamkari, Madhubani Art and Thanjavur Painting. – Image credit: Shutterstock

Madhubani Art, Bihar


Mithila painting or Madhubani art originated from Madhubani Bihar and traditionally practiced by the women in the Mithila region of the Indian subcontinent.

Madhubani paintings are made from powdered rice, contains eye catching patterns with variety of bright colors and objects like flowers, animals, sun, moon, plants and also received GI (Geographical Indication).

Pattachitra, Odisha

Pattachitra painting from Odisha mostly depict stories of Hindu deities and specially inspired by Lord Jagannath. The traditional painting of Odisha is divided into categories of medium like cloth, walls and palm leaf.

The Bengal Patachitra is a bit different from Orissa Pattachitra and centres round the Durga, Kali and Bengali culture.

Mysore Painting, Karnataka

Mysore painting originated from Mysore in Karnataka and one of the most important form of classical South Indian painting along with classical Thanjavur painting style.

Thanjavur Painting, Tamil Nadu

Thanjavur painting is distinguished by its gold coating style of art with Hindu religious subjects and also recognized as a Geographical indication of Tamil Nadu.

Kalamkari, Andhra Pradesh

Kalamkari hand painted art practiced in some villages of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, depicts Indian epics Ramayana or Mahabharata and also registered as geographical indication from Andhra Pradesh.

Kalamkari has two different and distinctive styles, produced at Pedana near Machilipatnam hence known as Machilipatnam style of Kalamkari and Srikalahasti Kalamkari from Chittoor being other.

Kalighat Painting, West Bengal

Kalighat paintings are done on cloth or patas with images of gods and goddesses, originated in the vicinity of Kalighat Kali Temple in Kolkata. There are list of distinct variety of themes in Kalighat paintings, depiction of Hindu gods.


Picchwai Painting is actually depicts the pictures of Lord Krishna, originated from the village of Nathdwara in Rajasthan and in very much demand among the foreign tourist and travelers arrived in India.

Pahari Painting

Pahari painting is another most famous painting style of India from the mountainous regions of Garhwal, Himachal and Jammu. The Pahari is popular regional style of Indian painting, practiced in Kangra known as Kangra painting and in Basholi, known as Basohli Painting.

Rajput Painting

Rajput style of painting shows the Rajputana kingdom of India and also depict epic events of Ramayana, havelis of Shekhawati and forts, palaces of Rajputs. The royal state of Rajasthan host one of the greatest chapter of Indian miniature paintings with distinctive styles like Mandana Paintings.

Warli Painting

Warli painting is a style of tribal art by the people of Warli tribes living in and around Sahyadri areas of Maharashtra-Gujarat. The wall paintings is one of the fastest dying art forms in India like Manjusha Art, art of puppetry, Naga handicraft,Dhokhra handicraft, Roghan painting and Kutch Embroidery, Now, registered with a Geographical Indication status.

Cheriyal scroll painting from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are produced by local communities and the best stylized version of Nakashi art showcasing the stories from Indian stories pf Puranas and Epics.

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