15 Common Spices of India With Health Benefits

Spices of India are the most important part of the Indian cuisine, used as flavouring agent and loaded with list of medicinal properties and health benefits – Hindi and English Names of Indian Spices

There are 36 types of spices used in India and some of them are packed with several health benefits, found in almost every Indian kitchen and also used as home remedies for common cold, indigestion and boosts immunity.

Ginger – अदरख


Ginger is a root just like turmeric, used as spice and key ingredient of Indian cuisine especially in thicker gravies and also used in folk medicine as home remedy for sore throat and common cold.

Garlic – लहसुन


Garlic used as food flavoring agent along with traditional remedy for common cold and one of the most common ingredient of Indian cuisine and paired with ginger, all part of the garlic plant are edible and India is the second largest producer of garlic in the world.

Turmeric – हल्दी


Turmeric is also from the ginger family and used as coloring agent in cooking, Turmeric powder has long used in Ayurvedic medicine for internal wound, knee pain and for as immunity booster.

Asafoetida – हींग


Asafoetida is a perennial herb, used as a digestive aid and mainly cultivated in nearby India. Hing is the Hindi word for Asafoetida and an important ingredient of many Indian vegetarian cuisine along with turmeric and garlic.

Black Pepper – काली मिर्च


Black Pepper or peppercorn usually dried and used as a spice, native to the state of Kerala, have been used in traditional medicine. Long pepper also offer taste similar to peppercorn and the plant itself is a native of India.

Cinnamon – दालचीनी


Cinnamon used mainly as an aromatic and flavouring agent with list of Indian dishes. Barks of Cinnamon are used as a spice in India and Cinnamon powder flavoured tea is consumed as a hot beverage.

Star Anise – चक्र फूल


Star anise widely used in Indian cuisine and especially enhances the flavour of meat but also part of the masala chai of India and noodle soup.

Nutmeg – जायफल


Nutmeg derived from its fruit and a commercial source of an essential oil. Mace is another Indian spice, from the Nutmeg seed covering and used in traditional medicine of India.

Cardamom – इलायची


Green Cardamom and Black cardamom both are native to India, used as a spice in Indian and other Asian cuisines. Ground cardamom are also contributor to the flavour of Indian masala chai and Black cardamom are used for meat dishes.

Cloves – लौंग


Cloves are flower buds and commonly used as a spice in the cuisine of Asian, African and Indian. The spice also used in traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine for dental and various other disorders.

Saffron – केसर

Saffron is another colouring agent in food of Kashmir which has strong flavour, aroma, and colouring effect. It is also used for religious purposes in India along with Sandlewood powder, Turmeric powder and Sindoor Powder.

Cumin – जीरा


Cumin seeds have uses in traditional medicine and known for its distinctive flavour and aroma in cooking. The seeds powder also used to flavor numerous commercial food products.

Carom – अजवाइन


Ajwain or Carom seeds mainly cultivated in Iran and India, used in traditional Ayurveda for indigestion and stomach disorders. The state of Rajasthan is the largest producer of Ajwain in India.

Mustard – सरसो


Mustard seeds from mustard plants are an important spice in Indian regional foods, also mustard greens are very popular in Punjabi cuisine by the name sarson da saag.

Fenugreek – मेथी


Fenugreek seeds and leaves are the most common ingredients of Indian dishes, also used as vegetable, as a herb when dried and seeds are an ingredient in curries, Aam ki Launji and Fenugreek sprouts with list of health benefit.

Other most popular and healthy seeds found in India are Poppy seeds or khaskhas,Kalonji or Nigella seeds,Chia seeds, Sesame Seed, Alsi or Flax seeds used in Ayurvedic medicine, sabja seeds and lotus seeds or makhanas.

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