10 Pure and Organic Honey Brands in India

Honey is an excellent source of energy and has been used since ancient times for list of healing benefits. There are list of honey brands available in the Indian market, here is the list of top 10 brands of pure and best honey along with Khadi Honey, Dyu Honey, Honey Basket, Bharat Honey and Sundarban Honey

Dabur Honey


Dabur Honey is always a trusted brand in India and a largest player in the branded honey market. The Indian consumer goods company is not only one of the largest fast-moving consumer goods companies in India but also into the International market.

Patanjali Honey


Patanjali honey is one of the pure and natural as compare to other branded honey available in the Indian market. Honey is not only a natural sweetener but also rich in fructose, minerals, vitamins and other nutritious elements.

Baidyanath Honey


Baidyanath Madhu or Baidyanath Honey is 100% pure, 100% organic and nutritious, The Baidyanath Group is an Indian pharmaceutical firm specialising in Ayurvedic medicines and one of India’s most respected company in Ayurveda.

Zandu Honey


Zandu Pure Honey honey has a distinct taste and flavour, From the sources of best beekeepers of the regions like Himalayas, Muzaffarpur, Coorg & Sundarbans. The pharmaceutical company also own products like Zandu Chyavanprashad, Zandu Balm and Zandu Kesari Jivan.

Hitkary Honey


Hitkary Honey is another popular brand of purest honey available in India by Hitkary Pharmacy. Hitkary Pharmacy India provides a wide array of products ranging from sharbats, juices to jams and honey.

24 Mantra Honey


Organic honey by 24 Mantra offers honey from pristine mountains of the Himalaya and also from the different flowers found in Himalayan ranges. The extracted honey is pure and natural without any addition preservatives or sugar.

Himalaya Honey


Himalaya Honey by Apis is one of the leader in honey market of India offering pure, best and natural product also provides specialized honey. Apis honey is trusted across the country and emerged as the honey specialist brand in India.

Organic India Honey


Organic India honey wild forest is a natural and smooth honey collected from the Himalayan forest and is 100 % pure. Wild Forest Honey is free from pesticides and an excellent source of instant energy.

Sri Sri Tattva Honey


Sri Sri Tattva Honey add sweetness in your life and used as a versatile ingredient, Bees produce honey from the floral nectar and get collected from the wild bee colonies or from hives.

Saffola Honey


Saffola Honey is Pure and Natural, rich in antioxidants to boost Immunity and offers rich source of nutrition. The natural honey is straight from the beehives to the pack with no added sugar and tested using the latest NMR technology.


There are more honey suppliers in India such as Himalaya Forest Honey, Bonphool Natural Mangrove Honey and Fresh and Pure Honey.

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