Top 10 Healthiest Nuts Available in India to Snack On

Nuts are dry fruits or edible seeds with an excellent source of energy and nutrients. These edible seeds are good for health and an item of snacks for skin and hair. Here is the list of top most popular dry fruits and nuts available in India to add in your daily diet.

Walnuts/ अखरोट


Walnuts are commonly consumed as a dry fruit in India, loaded with protein, fat, carbohydrates and one of the most commonly consumed nuts in the world.

Almonds/ बादाम


Almonds species of trees are native to Iran but now produce in India and the base ingredients of Mughlai curries, Also sold as a snack with added salt. Along with other nuts, Almonds are also rich source of essential oil, minerals, protein, vitamins thiamine and carbohydrates.

Peanuts/ मूंगफली


Peanuts/मूंगफली also known as groundnuts are edible seeds and widely grown in India also an important commercial product for oil. Groundnuts contain essential Vitamins, several dietary minerals and Carbohydrates.

Brazil Nuts


The nuts are a rich source of vitamins, dietary minerals and richest dietary source of selenium. Brazil Nuts trees are among the largest trees in the Amazon rainforest and commercially harvested for oil and edible seeds.

Cashews/ काजू


Cashew nuts used in recipes and are commonly used in Indian cuisine of sweets and curries. India is second largest producer of cashews in the world and the nuts contain protein, carbohydrates, copper, manganese, phosphorus, and magnesium.


Pecan native to United States and Mexico, They are a very rich source of calories, dietary fiber, protein, iron and vitamins. The pecan buts boost immunity, heart health with key minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus and zinc.

Pistachios/ पिसता


Pistachios is also from cashew family and distinguished by their geographic region, The Raw pistachio are provide calories, vitamin,carbohydrates, and protein also dietary fiber, calcium and several dietary minerals along with antioxidants properties.



Chestnuts are edible nuts from Castanea plant and was introduced into Europe. The edible nuts contain various sugars, starch and only “nuts” that contain vitamin C.



Hazelnuts also is known as cobnut or filbert nuts are rich in protein, fat, Vitamins and Dietary fiber. The hazelnuts can be eaten raw and loaded with decent amounts of vitamin K and healthy fats.

Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia Nuts are native to Australia continent and one of the most important dry fruit, trees are also grown as ornamental plants. The nuts are rich source of essential nutrients, calories, dietary fiber and high amount of monounsaturated fats.

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