15 Pain Relief Gel-Balm and Spray Available in India

Pain Relief Gels & Sprays are the popular ointments for cramps, knee pains, muscular pains or muscular stress in the body. Here is the list of top 15 most popular brands of rain relief products available in India.

Move Spray


Moov offers instant pain relief and one of the most popular ointment in India for fast pain relief, available in two formats of gel or ointment and spray. Moov brand helps in relaxing muscle stiffness and is part of the Reckitt Benckiser Group.

Volini Spray


Volini is the most famous pain relief ointment, Available in Gel & Spray both and effective for joints, shoulders and muscular cramps for quick relief. The modern day pain reliever is a product of Sun Pharma, offers key brands products as Revital and Volini.



Relispray pain relief spray offer safe, effective, long lasting relief from pain and penetrates to the root of the pain. MidasCare is one of the leading pharmaceutical company of India offering other range of brands like Climax spray and Coolex.

Himani Fast Relief Spray


Fast Relief spray by Himani provide instant & long lasting relief from paid and body aches, The ingredients includes Gaultheria and Nilgiri oil. Himani is part of the Emami group and the company also has another flagship brand called Navratna Cool Oil.

Cipla Omni Gel Spray

Omni Gel Spray by Cipla penetrate deep into the affected area and helps in reducing inflammation, offers cooling sensation with immediate relief from pain. Cipla pharmaceutical company manufacture personal care products, medicines and one of the leading company of Pharmaceutical industry in India.

Vicco Narayani Spray

Vicco Narayani Spray offers instant relief from muscular pain, joint aches and backache. The Vicco Laboratories also offers medicinal products and remedies of Indian Ayurveda as well as natural medicines, Popular products of Vicco are Turmeric, Vajradanti,Shaving Cream Range and among India’s most trusted brands.

Combiflam Icyhot Spray

Combiflam Icy Hot Fast Pain Relief by Sanofi India is available in two formats of gel and spray, Combiflam is a flagship brand of Sanofi and now the company launches Combiflam Icyhot pain relief topical in the pain-care segment in India.

Dr Ortho Spray


Dr. Ortho oil and spray is one of the India’s most trusted brand for all types of joint care. The Dr. Ortho Spray is a good choice for eliminating shoulder, back pain and knee pain.

Deep Heat Spray

Deep Heat pain relief spray helps in muscular aches and pains, offering a quick relief from muscles, tendons, joints pain. It’s UK’s No. 1 selling heat brand that offer effective and targeted relief from pain, Available online for a price of 398 INR.

Amrutanjan Spray

Amrutanjan advanced joint muscle spray is for children over 7 years and for adults, offering relief from back pain and knee pain. The brand, Amrutanjan is one of the oldest and very popular household brand across all social cultures of India, Since 1893.

Popular Pain Relief Balm Available in India

Above is the list of popular spray and the other well known pain relief gel and spray available in India are Biofreeze Spray,Diclobenz Gel,Arthcare Oil with Spray, Voveran Emulgel,Kriplani Pain Relief Spray,Volitra Plus Gel and Vovedic Plus Pain Relief Spray, Here is the list of most used ointment in India.



Iodex balm provide a warm and soothing effect, offer fast and effective relief from body pain. GSK Consumer Healthcare is a leading over the counter (OTC) medicines company and its popular brands includes Sensodyne, Horlicks, Boost, Otrivin and Iodex.

Zandu Balm


Zandu Balm is another most famous pain relieving balm available in India, A trusted balm and synonymous for headache and pain. The blam is part of the Emami group, One of the leading and fastest growing company in India.


Amrutanjan Balm is remedy for headache and cold, The balm with a massage offers you incredible relief from strong headaches, back pain and has a soothing aroma. The Strong Pain Balm are a cold remedy and also severe headaches and pains.

Patanjali Balm

Patanjali Balm offers relief from headaches and mild colds, Gandhpura Oil, Neelgiritaila and Pudina sat are the key ingredients of Patanjali Balm. Patanjali Ayurved manufactures mineral and herbal products and also listed as fastest growing FMCG company in India.

Vicks VapoRub


Vicks VapoRub ointment is owned by company Procter & Gamble and part of the Vicks brand of over-the-counter medication. VapoRub manufactured and packaged in India used for throat for cough, minor aches and pain.

The ingredients used in Vicks VapoRub are Karpoor, Ajowan and Pudinah ke phool, Nilgiri tel or Eucalyptol, Tarpin ka tel and Jatiphal tel.

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