Top 20 Most Liked Deodorant Brands in India

Deodorants and antiperspirants for Men and Women are commonly used in different countries on a wider range of body parts. Here is the list of best selling deodorants brands available in India plus more brands like Adidas, Brut, Cinthol, Provogue, Nike and Jaguar Deodorants.



Fogg is one of the top selling deodorant brands in India, launched by Vini Cosmetics Private Limited. Vini cosmetics makes the Fogg brand of deodorants and best known for list of unique television commercial advertisement.



Denver brand of deo is one of the most selling deodorant brands of India, also voted as most promising deo brand for men in grooming category. Denver Hamilton is rated as one of the best smelling perfumes for men.

Wild Stone


Wild Stone brand is another most famous and leading brand of deodorant for men in India, by McNroe consumer products. McNroe company is also owns women’s fragrance brand, Secret Temptations and also looking to grow in talcum powder category.



Axe brand of male grooming products is owned by India’s largest FMCG company, Hindustan Unilever and the brand is known as Lynx in the United Kingdom.

Park Avenue


Park Avenue brand is owned by Raymond Group, spread across India and overseas. The brands also among the most trusted brands of India along with apparel brands of Raymond and also the famous beer shampoo.

Set Wet


Set Wet deodorant spray is one of the most popular brand of Marico, showcasing men feel great again to impress the modern woman with a charming motto.



Envy French perfumes offering the best deo in India for both him and her. The irresistible fragrance of ENVY deo are very long lasting and a perfect all time wear that will keep you refreshed and calm.



Nivea deodorants provide long lasting freshness for both men and women, offers variety of deodorants and antiperspirants.



Eva deodorants by TTK company also offers talcs and moisturisers for women in personal care category. TTK Healthcare manufactures pharmaceuticals and consumer durables, associated with several brands in India such as Prestige pressure cookers and Skore Condoms.

Secret Temptation


McNROE is a FMCG company and into the business of personal products brands like perfume, deodorant and grooming segment. Wild Stone is the flagshiop brand of this company and Secret Temptation for female.



Engage is India’s first couple deodorant by ITC and the product range is consists of a fragrances, sprays, cologne, perfume and deodorants.



Layer’r brands of Wottagirl is one of the most popular body splash for women and Layer’r Shot is body spray for men as well as the layerr shot bullet.

Three most popular brands of Layer’r are Wottagirl, Shot and Bullet body spray which has very nice fragrance.



Yardley from London offers flowerful range of exotic fragrances and also a major producer of soap and perfumery, owned by Indian company Wipro.



Spinz by CavinKare FMCG company now offering exciting range of deodorants and talcs for women in India, also has products like herbal wash powders,soap, perfumes and Nyle shampoo.



Vanesa is a leading manufacturer of deodorant in India, sells wide range of products like deodorants, perfumes and toiletries etc and own brands like Denver Hamilton, Vanesa brand and Envy deodorants.



Nike deodorant and perfume is a Spanish company, offers wide range of perfumery, personal care products and it has nothing to with American Nike with the Swoosh athletic shoes company.

Jovan Musk


Jovan Musk offers varieties of aftershave, cologne and deodorant for men, with the seductive power of musk.



Brut deodorant spray and roll is owned by the company Unilever and also into the business of men’s grooming products like aftershave and fragrance of choice for men.



Adidas is designs and manufactures shoes like Nike but also manufacturer sportswear, shower gel for women, fragrances and body care.



KamaSutra dare deodorant spray is one of the leading brand of deo in India and one of the favorite product of kamasutra brand along with shaving foam, personal lubricant, condoms and long lasting fragrance.

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