Top 10 Most Popular Indian Brands of Footwear

Here is the list of most and best selling Indian brands of footwear from the local stores to shopping malls department stores. Valentino, INC.5 and catwalk brands of ladies Sandals are also most popular brand of footwear in India along with Lancer Footwear, Woodland, Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok and one8 select by Virat Kohli.



Paragon is number one footwear brand in India and one of the leading footwear manufacturer in the world at affordable prices. The Indian footwear brand offers wide range of Chappal, Flip flops, ladies Sandals and Shoes for Men, Women & Kids.



Liberty Shoes based in Haryana and produces 50,000 pairs of footwear in India on daily and sold form its 50 showrooms outlets across the country.



Relaxo is the most popular Indian brand of footwear and also one of the most popular footwear companies in India, headquarter in New Delhi and produces range of comfort footwear brands like Bahamas, Sparx, Hawaii and Flite.


VKC Footwear manufacturing from Kerala is one of the biggest footwear company in India also the largest branded PU footwear. VKC Pride is the most successful brand of footwear along with WalkaroO, Vestire and VKC Lite.



Lakhani Footwear offers wide array of footwear women, men & kids as well as hawai chappals, range of sports shoes, outdoor shoes and canvas shoes.



Khadim’s is a private limited company and a leading brand of footwear retailers in India, also emerged as a popular fashion footwear brand for kids and women.


Mochi from Bangalore is a distinctive shoes brand of India and one stop shop for all fashion foot wears offering wide range of shoes, belts, socks and handbags products.



WalkMate brand of footwear is not only a the most preferred brand of footwear in Karnataka but also in Maharastara, Tamil Nadu for availability of Walkmate fashion footwear.


Metro Shoes is a leading footwear brands of India, offers large collection of own dashing footwear brand by name Metro and also destination for top notch brands like Lee Copper, Red Tape and Buckaroo shoes.


Citywalk footwear company provides best quality of footwear to its customers, started from showroom at Colaba and spread in different cities of India. Other well known and most trusted footwear brands in India are Bata, Red Chief shoes, Red Tape, Woodland, catwalk, Valentino and INC.5 ladies footwear brands.

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