Birds of Kumbhargaon Near Bhigwan

Kumbhargaon village is the most popular flamingo point in Bhigwan, This place is home to list of migratory birds coming to India during the winter season.

How to Reach Kumbhargaon

Kumbhargaon village is located 7 km from the main town of Bhigwan, if you are coming from Pune then once your crossed the Bhigwan town – take the first left through the service lane and follow the road to Kumbhargaon village.

Best Time to Visit Kumbhargaon


We visited Kumbhargaon bird sanctuary over the weekend from Pune and stayed overnight at MTDC resort near the backwaters of Ujjani Dam, here is the best pictures of Birds of Kumbhargaon.

Where to Stay in Kumbhargaon

Get in touch with us for information about the place and for accommodation in Kumbhargaon village.

For more birds photos at the backwaters of dam– Please visit the link – Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary Near Pune

White Wagtail


White Wagtail from the wagtail family is breeds in much of Asia and one of the six species of wagtail may be present in the wintering ground in India.

Glossy Ibis


Glossy Ibis is a wading bird that feed on shallow freshwater water and but can also be found in and around brackish wetlands, swamps and lagoons.

Asian Openbill


Asian Openbill is a stork that found mainly in the Indian subcontinent and nest along with egrets,  darters and cormorants on trees around the inland wetlands.

Black Headed Gull


Black headed gull is a migratory bird that breeds in much of Europe but spend winter in India. This species of gull are opportunistic feeder and lives in colonies around the water bodies.



Flamingos are the winter visitor of India, Bhigwan town is famous for flocks flamingo during the winter month of December to February. The village of Bhigwan on Pune Solapur Highway is the best place where flocks of hundreds of flamingos can be seen.

Indian Cormorant


Indian Cormorant also known as Indian shag is a water bird, found along the lake and rivers of Indian Subcontinent. This cormorant species is different from little cormorant and great cormorant.

Black Tailed Godwit


Black Tailed Godwit is a shorebird with an large orange bill, visit Indian Subcontinent during the winter and found around the freshwater swamp and wetland.

Ruddy Shelduck


Ruddy Shelduck or Brahminy Duck is a migratory bird coming to India during the winter season. Brahminy duck inhabits inland water-bodies, wetlands and mainly a nocturnal bird.

Wildlife in Kumbhargaon

Kumbhargaon village is also famous for night life of wild animals and birds, Lucky as we have spotted the only species of Chameleon in India, a Termite Hill Gecko and grey NightJar bird.

Grey Nightjar


Nightjars are the nocturnal species of birds, found all around the world. The grey Nightjars or nighthawks mostly active during the late evening and can be spotted easily on the rocks and on the ground.

Termite Hill Gecko


Geckos are small lizards found in warm climates with an excellent night vision. Indian Geckos occur in various colors and patterns, This Gecko was seen in night at the wild forest of Kumbhargaon village near Bhigwan.

Indian Chameleon


Indian Chameleon is the only species chameleon found in India Like all the other species of Chameleon, Indian Chameleon also has the ability to change skin colour, has a long tongue, rounded tail and independent eye movement.

Raptors Found in Kumbhargaon

Bird of prey or raptor is the family of several species of bird that hunts to other birds, small animals, fish and rodents. Kumbhargaon village near Bhigwan is home to below list of bird of prey.

Peregrine Falcon

Peregrine -Falcon

Peregrine Falcon is a bird eating raptor and the fastest member of the animal kingdom. The peregrine falcon is also most widespread bird of prey, wintering in India.



Osprey is fish eating bird of prey, found mostly near a body of water and a winter visitor of India. The osprey is a large raptor and second most widely distributed raptor species after peregrine falcon.

Brahminy Kite


Brahminy Kite is a medium sized bird of prey, found on the coastal area and around wetlands. They are found in the Indian subcontinent and the representation of Garuda bird.

Birds of Kumbhargaon also include Osprey, peregrine falcon, Indian spotted eagle, Bar headed goose and many more Migratory Birds such as collared pratincole, Western yellow wagtail and Northern shoveler.

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