21 Fastest Creatures in The World by Top Speed

Speed is the most important factor in the wild for survival, you know that the fastest land animal is the cheetah but there are more such as fastest animals on land,sea and air. The below contains fastest creatures in the world, grouped by types of birds, animals, sea creatures and reptiles.

Peregrine Falcon – 389 km/h – Fastest Member of Animal Kingdom

Peregrine -Falcon

Peregrine Falcon is a bird of prey, renowned for its speed and listed as fastest member of the animal kingdom. Peregrine Falcon is also rated as most spectacular of all birds of prey and best Falconry bird with unique hunting skills.

Golden Eagle – 320 km/h


Golden Eagle is the most widely distributed species of eagle in the world, used in falconry. The bird eating raptors are capable of very fast gliding.

Other fastest birds in flight also include Eurasian hobby,White throated needletail, Rock dove and Spur winged goose.

Mexican Free Tailed Bat – 160 km/h

Mexican Free Tailed Bats are native to the Americas and known to have fastest horizontal speed over 160 km/h.

Frigatebird – 153 km/h


Frigatebirds are known for their distinctive red gular pouch with black plumage. These are one of the largest species of birds in the world and also has largest wing area to body weight.

Horse Fly – 145 km/h

Horse fly are true flies reaching up to speeds of up to 145 km and known as the fastest flying insects in the world.

Black Marlin – 129 km/h – Fastest Sea Creature

Black Marlin is the fasted sea animal in the world with maximum recorded speed of 129 km/h, mostly found in Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Cheetah – 110 km/h – Fastest Land Animal


Cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world with a top speed of 109.4 to 120.7 km/h under three seconds. The cheetah mainly prey upon Impala antelope and Grant’s gazelle, Thomson’s gazelle.

Sailfish – 109 km/h – Second Fastest Fish

Sailfish is the second fastest fish in the ocean and very popular in recreational fishing. Sailfish has second fastest swimming speed, followed by swordfish and Yellowfin tuna.

Ostrich – 96.6 km/h – Fastest Running Bird


Ostrich are tallest species of all living birds and fastest animal on two legs. The common ostrich lays the largest eggs of any other living bird.

Pronghorn – 88.5 km/h – Second Fastest Land Animal

Pronghorn is the second fastest land animal in the world, Though not an antelope but known as American antelope.

Springbok – 88 km/h


Springbok antelope of Africa inhabit the dry areas of Kalahari desert and Karoo region, are popular game animals and the national animal of South Africa.

Blue Wildebeest – 80.5 km/h


Blue Wildebeest is the large species of antelope found in Africa and known to have five subspecies. This herbivore animal is fast runners and can run at speeds of up to 80 km/h.

Lion – 80.5 km/h


The lions are second fastest wild cat in the world and an apex and keystone predator of Africa. Panthera leo found in savanna grasslands of Africa and in and around the gir forest of India.

Blackbuck – 80 km/h – Fastest Animal in India


Blackbuck antelope inhabits grassy plains and fastest land animal in India, found mainly in India and Nepal.

Hare – 80 km/h

Hares and jackrabbits are long eared, fast runners species of leporidae. Basic difference between hares and rabbits – large,longer legs and longer ears and make above ground nests.

Greyhound – 74 km/h – Fasted Running Dog

Greyhound breed of dogs are very popular as a family pet and can reach a full speed of 74 km/h due to powerful legs, deep chest and flexible body.

African Wild Dog – 71 km/h


African wild dogs are endangered, highly social animal and living in packs. The species along with cheetah are two primarily diurnal predators of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Kangaroo – 71 km/h


Kangaroos are symbol of Australia and known for large and powerful legs. They can attained speeds of up to 71 km/h for a short distances.

Topi – 70 km/hr


Topi antelope are found in the savannas of Africa and a fast running land animal of savannas. They are one of the fastest antelopes in Africa and reach speeds in of 80 km/h.

Green Iguana – 35 km/h


Green Iguana are the second fastest reptiles in the world and also one of the largest lizards, followed by Leatherback sea turtle, Black mamba and Komodo dragons in speed.

Black Mamba – 23 km/h


Black Mamba is the fastest land snake in the world and also the speediest species of snake with a top speed of 23 km/h. The black mamba is also the longest species of venomous snake in Africa, only the King Cobra is longer than black mamba.

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