Trip to Mayureshwar Wildpark And Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary Near Pune

There are list of most unique wildlife places around Pune which are perfect destination for bird watcher and hikers. Wildlife Sanctuaries near Pune includes Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary,Koyna wildlife sanctuary and Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Visited the Bhigwan Kumbhargaon Bird Sanctuary and Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary over the weekend, here are some random clicks of bird watching.

Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary – Flamingos


Bhigwan Town is known as mini Bharatpur or Bharatpur of Maharashtra, famous for bird watching, especially flamingo. The small dusty town of Bhigwan has the backwaters of Ujani dam and gives sighting of many variety of birds such as Flamingos,Ducks, Herons,Raptors and Waders.


Sanctuary Information:

Village: Diksal Village
Dam : Ujani Dam Backwater
Boating: 800Rs
Things to Carry – DSLR Camera, Binocular and Water Bottle
Best Time to Visit: January to March

One can also visit post March but because of heat, its going to be very difficult to focus. However last of June and first week of July are also good time to visit Bhigwan but the number of bird species are decreased.


How To Reach Bhigwan

Pune to Bhigwan Distance by Road- 110 kms

Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary – Indian Gazelle 


Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the smallest wildlife sanctuary located in Baramati Tehsil of Pune district. The sanctuary has coverage area of 5.14 Sq KM and has beautiful grasslands and desert areas, also popular for its birds and wildlife population of Indian Gazelle and Indian Wolf.


Sanctuary Information:

Entry Fee: 30 INR Per Person
Four Wheeler: 100 Per Vehicle
Camera: 50 Per Camera

Best Time to Visit: January to July

Distance: 75 km From Pune
Location: Baramati

Bird Species: Sandgrouse,Snake Eagle,Partridge and Black Winged Kite.
Wild Animals: Indian Gazelle, Striped Hyena,Indian Wolf and Indian Jackal.

Travel Map From Pune

Pune – 75 km
Baramati – 41 km
Satara – 88 km
Mumbai – 220 km

Kumbhargaon Water Bird Sanctuary


Kumbhar Gaon is now known as Kumbhargaon Bird Sanctuary is one of the two place near Ujani dam backwaters for Birdwatching, Diksal (Bhigwan) being the other. Kumbhargaon Bird Sanctuary is the main stop for wonderful water birds such as Flamingoes,Grey heron,Painted stork,Brown Headed Gull,Red naped Ibis, Little Ringed Plover and Osprey fish eating bird of prey.


Bird Watching and Photography at Kumbhargaon Bird Sanctuary

There are many species of Ducks, Herons, Egrets, Waders and Bird of Prey along with flocks of hundreds of flamingos. Most common birds are Painted Storks,Grey Heron, River Tern,Spoonbill and Flamingos.



Grey Heron




Brahminy Kite


River Tern


Collared Pratincole


Black Winged Stilt


Purple Moorhen


Painted Storks


Painted Storks
Grey Heron
Brahminy Kite
Red Naped Ibis
River Tern
Black Winged Stilt
Collared Pratincole
Great Cormorant
Little Cormorant
Purple Moorhen
Spot Billed Duck
Ruddy Shelduck
Northern Shoveler
Black Headed Ibis
Indian Bush Lark
Paddyfield Pipit
Common Coot
Great Egret
Cattle Egret
Little Egret
Indian Pond Heron
Yellow Wattled Lapwing
Red Wattled Lapwing
Asian Openbill
Glossy Ibis
Black Tailed Godwits
Marsh Harrier
Greater Spotted Eagle
Sea Gull
Wire Tailed Swallow
Common Blue Kingfisher
Indian Nightjar
Black Crowned Night Herons


Connect with us for more information about the place and to organize a tour to Kumbhargaon Bird Sanctuary (Bhigwan) along with Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Comment or leave a message will get in touch with you, follow the link for Bhigwan and Solapur Highway Itinerary.


Rehekuri Blackbuck Sanctuary

Rehekuri Blackbuck Sanctuary in Ahmednagar is dedicated to blackbucks, 100 Kms from Pune. The sanctuary situated in Karjat taluka in Ahmednagar district and support wild animals such as and endangered Indian wolf, striped hyena, Golden jackal and Indian fox.

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