Top 5 Must Cross River Bridges of Goa

Goa, being the smallest state of India, doesn’t have many long river bridges compared to other states. However, it does have some significant bridges that span its rivers. Here are five notable river bridges in Goa over the beautiful rivers of Zuari and Mandovi.

Atal Setu – Mandovi River5.1 km


Atal Setu is newly opened cable-stayed bridge in Goa over the famous Mandovi river. The 5.1 kilometres long river bridge is the third longest cable-stayed bridge in India and one of the most famous and longest bridges in Goa.


Manohar Setu – Zuari River


Manohar Setu or New Zuari Bridge over the Zuari river linking the districts of North Goa and South Goa. New Zuari Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge and has eight lanes also one longest and widest cable-stay bridge in India.

Mandovi Bridge – Mandovi River

The Mandovi bridge are set of two river bridges with 620 metres long that carries four lanes over the Mandovi river. The Mandovi and the Zuari are the two primary rivers in the state of Goa and Atal Setu, is the the Third Mandovi Bridge in Goa.

Zuari Bridge – Zuari River

Old Zuari Bridge located next to New Zuari Bridge and carries the NH 66 over the tidal part of the Zuari river. There is a 1,319 metres long Konkan Railway Bridge connects North Goa and South Goa over the tidal part of the Zuari River

Aldona BridgeMapusa River

The Aldona – Corjuem Cable Stayed bridge across river Mapusa with two-lanes connect Aldona and Corjuem and it was one of the main attraction of Goa bridges along with Mashem-Galgibaga Bridge, Ponte Conde de Linhares causeway and Bambolim bypass.

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