Top 5 Largest Wind Park in Maharashtra By Capacity

India is one of the top three largest renewable energy producer in the world, Solar and Wind power generation capacity in India has increased in recent years. Maharashtra is the third largest producer of wind energy in India, after Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Muppandal Wind Farm in Tamil Nadu and Jaisalmer Wind Park in Rajasthan are two largest Wind Farm in India by capacity. Here is the top five biggest Wind power farm in Maharashtra.

Brahmanvel Wind Farm – 528MW, Dhule

Brahmanvel wind farm of Dhule is the largest wind park in Maharashtra and one of the top five largest renewable energy park in India.

Dhalgaon Wind Farm – 278MW, Sangli

Dhalgaon wind farm in Sangli is among the biggest wind farm in India where wind energy is produce by turbines turbines made by Suzlon and Enercon.


Vankusawade Wind Park – 259MW, Satara

Satara is also home to several wind farms, Vankusawade Wind Park in Satara district hosting one of the largest wind energy projects in the state.

Vaspet Wind Farm – 144MW, Vaspet

The Vaspet Wind Farm has 144 MW of onshore wind power by NSL Renewable Power and Inox Wind is the provider of turbines for the wind power.

Tuljapur Wind Park – 126MW, Osmanabad

Osmanabad Wind Project is a 126 MW onshore wind power park in osamabad by Siemens Gamesa. Gujarat Hybrid Renewable Energy Park is going to generate 30 gigawatt electricity from both solar panels and wind turbines, Largest Renewable Energy Park in the world.

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