Top 10 Most Common Butterflies of India With Name and Pictures

India host to a number of spectacular butterflies, some of which are endemic to the specific region, especially in the Western Ghats of South India. The most common butterflies of India includes Lesser Grass Blue, Common blue Apollo,common mime, Common Mormon, common baron,common eggfly, common Pierrot, common palmfly and brown pansy.

Common Tiger (Danaus genutia)


Common Tiger butterfly also known as striped tiger butterfly in India, This butterfly is very close to monarch butterfly and distributed throughout India.

Common Crow (Euploea core)

Indian crow butterfly

Euploea core crow butterfly also known as common Indian crow is most common in India and has few similar species such as Malabar raven and Common mime.

Common Jezebel (Delias eucharis)


Common Jezebel is a pierid butterfly found in a variety of environment. The common Jezebel generally found all over India, from hill forest to open woodland.

Blue Tiger ( Tirumala limniace )

Common Grass Yellow (Eurema hecabe)


Common Grass Yellow is a small Eurema hecabe pierid butterfly, always found flying in open grass close to the ground and water. The common grass yellow is the most commonly seen butterfly in India.

Great Windmill

Great Windmill or Byasa dasarada is a large butterfly found in India. The woodland butterfly is very beautiful in appearance.

Mottled Emigrant (Catopsilia pyranthe)


Mottled Emigrant from the family Pieridae are urban butterflies and very variable butterfly. Catopsilia pyranthe is a strongly migratory in behaviour.

Southern Duffer

Southern Duffer is a dark velvety brown butterfly found in India. This species always found around the wood tress with series of three four smaller spots.

Malabar Tree Nymph

Malabar tree nymph is another large butterfly found in peninsular India, especially in the Western Ghats.

Southern Birdwing – State Butterfly of Karnataka


Southern Birdwing or Troides minos is largest butterfly of India and state butterfly of Karnataka. Troides minos is from Swallowtail butterfly is more common in the Western Ghats.

Blue Mormon – State Butterfly of Maharashtra


Blue Mormon or Papilio polymnestor is the second largest butterfly found in India and state butterfly of Maharashtra. Papilio polymnestor is endemic to India and most common in heavy rainfall areas.


Adding more pictures of butterflies found in India, Commonly seen around the grasslands, urban areas and around your house. Green Triangle

Great Eggfly


The great eggfly is sometime also known as blue moon butterfly, found from India, Asia to Australia and New Zealand. The common butterfly found in greener parts of human habitats and female is very similar to of common Indian crow butterfly.

Dark Grass Blue


Dark Grass Blue is a small butterfly belongs to the lycaenids or blues family and found in scrub and grassland of Indian cities.


Red Pierrot


Red Pierrot is the most beautiful small butterfly found in the Indian subcontinent, on evergreen patches, hill stations and forest.

Skipper Butterfly


Skipper family of butterfly named for their quick, darting flight habits and they occur worldwide. The branded swift skipper are commonly known as branded swifts.

Tawny Coster


Tawny Coster Butterfly is very common in grassland and scrub habitats of India, The species does not fly high and always found feeding on flowers.


Common Four Ring


The common four ring butterfly is a greyish brown species, Found from western Himalayas to Mysore in southern India.


Satyrinae butterflies divided into the subspecies like common five-ring, common three-ring found in most dry areas of Asia.

Common Evening Brown


Moduza procris – Commander Butterfy


Euthalia lubentina/ gaudy baron


Swallowtail ButterfliesBlack Mormon | Red Mormon



Common Bluebottle


Common Leopard


Swallowtail butterflies are large and colorful species with distinctive features and the family includes Andaman clubtail, Palawan birdwing,Papilio polymnestor, Kaiser-i-hind and clouded butterfly.

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