10 States of India With NO Tiger Presence

There are 50 tiger reserves in India with a total number of wild tigers from 2226 in 2014 to 3890 in 2016. South Indian states home to largest population of tigers in India, Here is the list of Indian states with no tigers or about to lost the one we had like Mizoram (3) and Jharkhand (3).

  • Karnataka (408)
  • Madhya Pradesh (308)
  • Uttarakhand (340)
  • Tamil Nadu (229)
  • Maharashtra (190)
  • Assam (167)
  • Kerala (136)
  • Uttar Pradesh (117)

The Royal Bengal Tiger of India is listed as endangered due to loss of habitat, poaching and deforestation. Bengal tiger is a big wild cat with different types of habitats including mangrove forest, grasslands, Terai of Assam, Nepal and snow mountains of Arunachal Pradesh.

Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is one of the most visited Himalayan states of India, located mostly in the Indian Himalayan mountains and Tourism is a popular industry in Jammu and Kashmir and the Valleys are paradise for wildlife such as Hangul deer, brown bear, snow leopard, black necked Crane in Ladakh but the state has no presence of Tigers.

Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh hill stations like Shimla, Manali attracts tourists from all over the country and home to one of the largest national parks of India, GHNP with animals such as Himalayan brown bear, blue sheep, snow leopard but No Tiger.


Punjab is a home to one of India’s most visited tourist attractions, The Golden Temple in Amritsar and Anandpur Sahib pilgrimage site. There are national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in Punjab without any presence of Bengal Tiger.

Gujarat – Dead

Gujarat was only home of Indian Lions, After 27 years of long wait presence of tiger has been confirmed in Gujarat where a tiger was walking around jungle area of Mahisagar district, Now dead.

Haryana –

Haryana has 2 National Parks, 8 Wildlife Sanctuaries and a popular destination for Indian leopards and bird-watching, However there are movement of Tigers in Haryana from near by Rajaji National Park and Tiger Reserve in Kalesar National Park.

Nagaland – Killed

Nagaland has seen economic growth into the tourism sector and by promoting the Hornbill Festival,The state has one of the largest forest covered area in India but host no Tiger, A Royal Bengal tigress was sighted in Nagaland for the first time, killed.

Manipur – Tiger Survey Going

The north eastern state of Manipur had conducted first ever tiger survey in the state to verify the presence of tiger in Manipur but no luck so far, Keibul Lamjao National Park of Manipur is the only home of endangered sangai deer in India.

Tripura – Tigress with Cubs Reported

As per the official there are no tigers in the wild of Tripura in 2002 but recently they have discovered one tigress and two cubs.

Mizoram – Not Sure

Mizoram state has Dampa Tiger Reserve as part of Project Tiger, A natural home of clouded leopard, Malayan sun bear and Tigers disappeared almost entirely from the state, However there are some evidence showing presence of cats in Mizoram but no photo record of Tiger.


Jharkhand – Last Counted 6 in 2009

The state of Jharkhand has Palamu Tiger Reserve, tiger reserve was created when there were 50 tigers but based on DNA analysis of 2009, there were just six tigers in the reserve not sure about the presence of Tigers today in Jharkhand.

Sikkim – 1 Sighted

The smallest state of India is notable for its biodiversity, largest share of cardamom production in India and covered by the Khangchendzonga National Park Khangchendzonga National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Sites and home to many mammal species including snow leopard, red panda, blue sheep, serow and goral.

In 2019, Camera trap captured the first footage of a Royal Bengal Tiger in the Pangolakha Wildlife Sanctuary of Sikkim.

Meghalaya – Yes

Meghalaya is a popular tourist destination in north east and famous for tallest Nohkalikai Falls, natural caves, Living root bridges and national parks.

Balphakram National Park and Nokrek National Park of Meghalaya are home to eight species of wild cats, ranging from Bengal Tiger to marbled cat.

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