12 Mildly Venomous and Non Poisonous Snakes Found in India

India is home to 270 plus species of snakes and out of them 60 are highly venomous, Especially the Big Four of Indian snakes named as Indian cobra, Common krait, Russell’s viper and Saw-scaled viper. Here is the list of mildly venomous and non Venomous snakes found in India, not included the Sand Boa and Indian Python.

Rat Snake – Dhaman


Rat Snakes are completely nonvenomous and pose no threat to humans, The Yellow rat snake or Indian rat snake is the most common snake found in India and also the fast-moving, frequently found in urban areas.

Cat Snake

Indian gamma snake commonly known as the cat snake, distributed throughout India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Green cat snakes are mildly venomous found in the tea garden of Sikkim, West Bengal, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.

Vine Snake

Vine Snakes are long slender green tree snake found in India and mildly venomous. The green vine snake bite can cause swelling, pain and fever also the arboreal snake normally feeds on frogs and lizards.

Tree Snake


Common bronzeback tree snake found in South Asia and India, mostly found in southern India. The slender tree snake predominantly brown in color with very thin body and master of camouflaged.

Wolf Snake

Indian wolf snake is another nonvenomous snake found in South Asia and often confused with the common krait. The nocturnal and terrestrial snake is the most formidable enemies of the Indian forest skink.

Kukri Snake

Kukri is another species of nonvenomous colubrid snake found in India, Most commonly found in agricultural lands, gardens and urban area of India.

Racer Snake

Banded racer species of colubrid snakes are endemic to India, found from Gujarat to Kolkata but not found in North Bengal and Kashmir.

Royal Snake

Black headed royal snake specie is found in desert and semi-desert regions of Rajasthan and Gujarat, also known as Diadem Snake and Non venomous in nature.

Water Snake

Dog faced water snake is a mildly venomous species of snake, native to coastal waters of India and most commonly found in mangroves of Sundarbans and mudflats of Ganges Delta.

Trinket Snake

Green Trinket Snakes are native to south Central Asia and nonvenomous that feeds on rodents and lizards. Trinket Snakes are non poisonous but can do enough damaging due to inward pointing teeth.

Keelback Snake

Checkered keelback is the most common species of water snake found in India, also the species is endemic to Asia. The Keelback snake is assumed to be a mildly venomous and usually found near ponds, rivers and around the paddy fields.

Flying Snake

Ornate Flying Snake is the largest species of flying snake found in India and Southeast Asia.The Chrysopelea ornata is mildly venomous, usually green in color but also has orange to red markings and small black bars in India.

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