12 States With Highest Number of Wild Elephants in India

India is home to several large mammals, including the Asian elephant. The Indian Elephant is subspecies of the Asian elephant and the largest living land animals in India, distributed in Southeast Asia too.

As per conservation status, The Indian Elephant has been listed as endangered due to loss of habitat and poaching. Estimated population of Asian Elephants in India is between 27,785–31,368 in wild areas in 2019.

Karnataka – 6049

Bandipur National Park of Karnataka along with Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve is the largest protected area in southern India and largest habitat of wild elephants in India.

Assam – 5719

Karbi Anglong and Mora Dhansiri River area of Assam including Kaziranga National Park is home to largest number of wild elephants. The popular Elephant Festival is organizes in Kaziranga for the purpose of elephants conservation, largest elephant festivals in India.

Kerala – 5706

Anamudi known as Elephant mountain is the highest peak in the Kerala and known as Everest of South India. The peak is located in the southern region of Eravikulam National Park and home to large number of elephants in Kerala.


Great Indian Elephant

Tamil Nadu – 2761


Tamil Nadu has huge population of wild elephants in India but in a particular area of Anamalai, Srivilliputtur and Coimbatore. Anamalai Tiger Reserve is home to Kozhikamudhi Elephant Camp, a popular public attraction in Anaimalai Hills.

Odisha – 1976


The wild Indian elephant is the flagship species of Chandaka Elephant Sanctuary, located near Bhubaneswar. Eastern Ghats of Odisha and Chandaka forest are home to large number of wild elephants in the state.

Meghalaya – 1754


Garo Hills and Khasi Hills of Meghalaya is home to different species of birds, reptiles and wild big animals including Elephants and Hoolock Gibbons.

Uttarakhand – 1839

Rajaji National Park and Jim Corbett National Park of Uttarakhand are dense green jungles and offers distribution for both elephants and tigers in India but most renowned for its wild elephants population.

Arunachal Pradesh – 1614


Kameng Elephant Reserve in the Himalayan foothills of Arunachal Pradesh is established for wild elephants, There are 377 elephants in Kameng reserve along with clouded leopard, red panda and 4 species of hornbills.

Jharkhand – 679

Jharkhand is another popular state of India, well known for its coal mines and home to breeding number of elephants.

Nagaland – 446

The state of Nagaland is home to list of endangered species, Northeast Indian states are home to 30% of the wild elephants in India.

Chhattisgarh – 247

The state of Chhattisgarh is home to largest number of wild elephants in central India, along with Madhya Pradesh, Odisha and Jharkhand.

Uttar Pradesh – 232

Dudhwa National Park of Uttar Pradesh is a Terai area and home to largest number of elephants in the state,  Terai ecosystem of Dudhwa supports large number of endangered species.

West Bengal – 194

Mayurjharna Elephant Reserve and Dooars region of West Bengal is a Terai Duar savanna and grasslands that supports large herd of elephants.

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