15 Most Colorful Toad and Frogs of India

The amphibians of India show a high level of endemism to western ghats region and recently new species of tiny dancing frogs have been discovered in the jungles of western ghats. Purple Frog,dancing frog along with other colorful frogs such as Malabar hill frogs,flying frogs,gliding frogs and long-snouted treefrog are found in natural habitats of subtropical or tropical dry forests.

Purple Frog


Purple frog also known as the pig-nosed frog was first discovered in October 2003 in the Idukki district of Kerala. The colorful amphibian is an endangered frog species belonging to the family Sooglossidae and only found in the Western Ghats in India.

Dancing Frog


Dancing Frogs are known as Micrixalus that are endemic to the Western Ghats and are extremely vulnerable as their habitat is severely threatened. The Western Ghats is home to many species of frog, including the 14 new species of so-called dancing frogs in the Western Ghats.

Bull Frog

The Indus Valley bullfrog or Indian bullfrog is a large species of frog found throughout most wetland areas of Indian Subcontinent. Indian Bullfrog are coloured yellowish/olive green but its appearance can change dramatically during the mating season.

Tree Frog

Common Indian tree frog is the smallest frog from India,found throughout most of India. The medium sized frogs are mostly brownish, yellowish, greyish, or whitish above, with darker spots or markings.

Common Toad


The Indian toad is one of the most common amphibians of India,This species occurs widely from northern areas of Indian Subcontinent. Common Indian toad is commonly called Asian common toad or Common Frog.

Pond Frog

Indian Pond Frog also known as Indian five-fingered frog is a common species of aquatic frog found in India. Hexadactylus is a largely aquatic species, found in most types of water bodies.

Floating Frog


The green puddle frog also known as floating frog is a species of frog mostly found in lowland grassland, rivers, swamps, intermittent freshwater lakes, freshwater marshes, seasonally flooded agricultural land and canals.

Skittering Frog

The skittering frog is one of the most widely distributed Oriental frogs also known as Indian Skipper Frog. Skittering Frogs are often seen at the edge of bodies of water with their eyes above the water.

Burrowing Frog

The Indian burrowing frog is a species of frog found in the areas of Indian Subcontinent. Burrowing Frog is highly variable and is often confused with two other peninsular Indian species of burrowing frogs.

Flying Frog

The Indian flying frog is a species of frog found in India and its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests, subtropical or tropical moist montane forests and rivers.

Cricket Frog

Cricket frogs are more aquatic than other members of the family, and are generally associated with permanent bodies of water with surface vegetation. Long-legged Cricket Frog is a species of frog found widely distributed in South Asia.

Gliding Frog

The Malabar gliding frog is a moss frog species found in the Western Ghats of India. Gliding Frog has a body length of about 10 cm making it one of the largest moss frogs.

Wrinkled Frog

The giant wrinkled frog is a species of frog endemic to the Western Ghats of India in the Kudremukh region. Wrinkled frogs natural habitats are tropical moist lowland forests and rivers.

Night Frog


Night frogs are a group endemic to India and require either fast moving rivers or moist forest floor for breeding. All the frogs were spotted in a region known as the Western Ghats of India named few are Meowing night frog,Bombay night frog,Kempholey night frog and Coorg night frog.

Swamp Frog

Mercurana Swamp Frog is a genus of arboreal frogs lives only in swampy lowlands, and lays its eggs on mud with which it carefully mixes leaf litter. Mercurana is the only known species Mercurana myristicapalustris found in the Western Ghats of Kerala.

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