5 Deadliest and Most Painful Insect Stings in India

These flying insects with the most painful sting are found in Indian subcontinent and Asia. The stings of most of these species are extremely painful and some of the deadliest insect in India also includes Sandalwood Defoliator, Cicada, Small oriental honey bees,Bombyliidae,Praying Mantis,Bee Fly, Blister Beetle,Indian Hemiptera,Common Indian Black Ant,Potter wasp,Paper wasp, Tarantula hawk and spider wasp.

Asian Giant Hornet


Asian Giant Hornet is the world’s largest hornet found in the mountains and forests of Eastern Asia.  The giant hornets are deadliest hornet species and have powerful venomous sting to kill humans.

Indian Honeybee


Indian Honeybees are social bees and known for their aggressive defense strategies, predominant found in India subcontinent. Indian honeybee and Asiatic bee are subspecies of honey bee and stings most of these honeybee species are quite painful.

Indian Wasp


Indian Wasp is one of the most common social paper wasp in India, found in different parts of the country. Some beautiful and colorful species of wasps in India are Yellow wasp,Red wasp,Paper wasp and Potter wasp.

Giant Honey Bee


Giant Honey Bee (Apis Dorsata) found mainly in the dense forested areas of India and Nepal. These social bees nest in tall trees in dense forests,cliff and on urban buildings.

Indian Red Scorpion


Indian Red Scorpion (Hottentotta Tamulus) is the most dangerous species of scorpions found in India and also considered as one of the most lethal of all scorpions in the world. This tiny scorpion feared many in India,Nepal and Sri Lanka.

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