5 Lethal Species of Scorpions Found in India

Scorpions are one of the most dangerous invertebrate animal found in the world, The Red Indian Scorpion is the biggest threat to humans and responsible for many cases of killing a human using its venomous sting.

Deathstalker species of scorpion is the most dangerous species of scorpion in the world, found in desert habitats of Thar Desert in India.

Indian Red Scorpion (Hottentotta Tamulus)

Indian Red Scorpion from Buthidae family is amongst the world’s most lethal and dangerous scorpion species. This species occurs in most of India and causes most of the human fatalities in India.

Indian Black Scorpion (Heterometrus Bengalensis)

Indian_black _scorpion

Indian Black Scorpion from family Scorpionidae is one of the largest living species of scorpions found in India. Indian Black Scorpion distributed widely across the southeastern Asia.

Giant Forest Scorpion (Heterometrus swammerdami)

Giant Forest Scorpion is the largest scorpion species found in the world as well as in India. The black color giant forest scorpion found in Western Ghats region of Karnataka in South India.

Fattail Scorpion (Androctonus)

Fattail scorpions are the most dangerous groups of scorpions in the world, found in the regions of Middle East, India and Africa.

Euscorpiops Asthenurus

Euscorpiops Asthenurus from family Euscorpiidae is mostly found in North East states of Sikkim, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.

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