5 Snake Family Found in The Indian Subcontinent

Indian Subcontinent is home to approximately 270 species of snakes, that includes highly venomous,mildly venomous,Non poisonous and water snakes. Out of 270 species of snakes, 4 are considered as India’s Deadliest Snakes and responsible for most human death. The big four deadliest species of snakes in Indian are Indian cobra,Common Krait,Russell’s viper and Saw-scaled viper.



Colubridae family is the largest family of snakes found on every continent. Most of the Indian snakes are belongs to Colubridae family of snakes such as Banded Racer,Spot-Tailed Kukri Snak,Himalayan Wolf Snake,Striped Trinket Snake and Assamese Cat Snake.



Pythonidae simply as pythons is a family of nonvenomous snakes found in the Indian Subcontinent, The family of Pythonidae contains some of the largest snakes snakes in the world such as Indian Rock Python,Reticulated python and Burmese python.



Elapidae is a family of venomous snakes found in India and it has a wide range of venomous snakes that includes Indian Cobra,Indian Krait and King Cobra. Elapidae family of snakes are responsible for highest snake bite in India by venomous Cobra and Krait.



Viperidae family of venomous snakes commonly referred to as vipers, found in the Indian Subcontinent. Viperidae group of snakes known for their long fangs and venomous bite, Vipers includes Saw-scaled viper,Russell’s viper, bamboo pit viper,Malabar pit viper,Hump-nosed pit viper.



Boidae is a family of nonvenomous snakes that include about 36 species of Boas. Boas are looks like the pythons but small in size and commonly known as two headed serpent in India, Indian sand boa is one of the Boidae.

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