9 States With Presence of Real Black Panther in India

Indian forest is known as land of the black panthers, There are enough photographic evidence to show the the presence of melanistic leopards in the wild. Evergreeen forest of Western ghats is home to maximum number of Black Panther in India, Dense forest of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra and Odisha have reported the presence of real Black Panther.

Karnataka (Kabini/Dandeli/Bhadra/Sharavathi)


The Ghosts of Kabini is known as Black Panther, There are good number of tigers and leopard in the forest of Kabini but only one black leopard. Black Panther is a very rare and majestic creature of the Indian forest, also known as Phantom Of The Forest.

Karnataka is one of the five known states of India where sighting of Real Black Panther reported from Kabini and Dandeli reserve in the Western Ghats region.


Where Can we Spot a black panther in Karnataka ?

Dense evergreen forest of Karnataka is home to good number of black panthers and here is the listed sightings places of Black Panthers in Karnataka. Pic Source Whistling Woodzs Dandeli.


Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary
Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary
Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary
Sharavathi Wildlife Sanctuary

Kabini, Sharavathi, Bhadra and Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary of Karnataka along with neighboring Anshi National Park is not only a birdwatchers paradise but also known for frequent sightings of the elusive black panther.


Maharashtra (Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve)


In my recent visit, I found that a young rare black panther spotted in tadoba tiger reserve around the Kolsa range. The melanistic leopard is extremely beautiful wild animal, generally found in evergreen forest of Kabini, Dandeli of Karnataka and Nilgiris of the Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu (In Nilgiris/ Sathyamangalam/ Mudumalai)


A melanistic spotted leopard is actually known as black panther, they are not two different animals but the colour variant of big cat species.
Black Panthers are rare animal species, Found only in and around Mudumalai Tiger Reserve in the Nilgiris, in Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary and also from the Kotagiri range of Tamil Nadu. Image Credit-TheHindu


Goa (Cotigao/Netravali wildlife sanctuary)


Long time back a black panther was reported from the forest of Goa, in the jungles Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary and Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary. Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary has the presence of Bengal tigers and an area of high biodiversity, home to rare and real Indian black panther.

Kerala (Silent Valley National Park)

The real and rare black panther is not a common big cats in Kerala but as per recent news, there is a real Black panther sighted in Kerala around the Silent Valley National Park in Palakkad located, in the Nilgiri hills.

Odisha (Garjanpahad Reserve Forest, Sundargarh)


A melanistic leopard has been captured recently from the forest in Sundargarh district of Odisha. Odisha is one of the ninth State where the elusive and rare black panther found India, from Garjanpahad reserve forest in Sundargarh. Image Source – TheHindu

Chhattisgarh( Udanti-Sitanadi Tiger Reserve)


Chhattisgarh forest department also confirmed the presence of a rare black panther in Udanti-Sitanadi tiger reserve. Sitanadi Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the finest wildlife destinations in central India, famous for list of wild animals and now also for real Ghosts of The Jungle. Image source – Hindustantimes

Assam(Manas/Kaziranga National Park)

Assam and Arunachal Pradesh have also reported sightings of Black Panthers time to time, however there is no photographic evidence showing the presence. The North East Indian states have good number of Indian Leopards along with Clouded Leopard and Tiger.


Arunachal Pradesh (Namdapha National Park)

Arunachal Pradesh is a biodiversity hotspot and home to lesser known and largest protected area in the Eastern Himalayas. Namdapha National Park is the fourth largest national park in India by area and home to rarest wild cat species, four pantherine species including Snow Tiger and Black Panther.

How many Black Panthers are there in India ?

Population can not be counted, As the melanistic leopards are also reported from the other states like Kerala, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.


However, there are no photographic evidence showing the Black Panther presence in listed states but there are frequent sightings of the black panther in Kabini of Karnataka.

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