India’s Leopard Hills of Jawai and Sanctuary

Discovery Channel has recently premieres the fascinating story of wild leopard and humans at the hills of Jawai in Pali district of Rajasthan. Jawai, India’s Leopard Hills is one of the few places in India where one can easily sight leopards and the picturesque locations of Jawai hills and dam are also home to other wild animals and migratory birds.

Jawai Hills


Jawai Hills is a picturesque location in Pali district of Rajasthan, surrounded by Jawai Bandh,grasslands,riverbed and grazing ground. The Hills of Jawai were shaped by lava millions of years ago and now the natural caves and rock shelters of Jawai Hills are home to leopards and Indian striped hyena.

Dev Giri Temple


Devgiri Cave Temple is located at the half way up the Jawai solitary hills and dedicated to Ashapura Mata Ji. The mother goddess of the hills is believed to guard the entire village and one of the must visit place in Jawai.Photo-sujanluxury



The unique behavior of Jawai hills leopards will change the opinion about the big cat, that leopards are solitary animals. The leopards hills of Jawai reveals leopard behavior like never before, Leopards of Jawai hills are living together and also living peacefully with humans.

Leopard, Leopard and Leopard


The haunting beauty of the Jawai hills is renowned for Leopards and one of the best place in India to sight leopards in day time. Jawai, India’s Leopard Hills are few wild places in India where leopards roam wild and free. The granite hills of Jawai has rare footage of Leopards living together like a family and can be seen at the stairs to temple during the evening. Jawai,India’s Leopard Hills are the only place in India that has the highest density Leopards.



Jawai dam crocodile sanctuary,Jawai hills leopards sanctuary and Kambeshwar ji leopard sanctuary are located in and around Jawai. The picturesque location around the Jawai hills and dam is home to number of wild animals such as Wolf, Chinkara, Jackals and Jungle cats.

Wild Animal


Wildlife Sanctuaries of Jawai are home to extraordinary wildlife and wild predators such as Indian Wolf,Striped Hyena,Junlge wild cat, Panther and Indian Leopard. The hills around Jawai are known as India’s Leopard Hills and leopard live with the villagers and other animals.

Jawai Dam


Jawai Bandh is one of the most famous and biggest dam in the western Rajasthan state, built across the Jawai river in Pali district. Jawai Dam also has crocodile sanctuary for Indian Mugger crocodiles and migratory birds including sarus cranes and flamingo.

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