RoadKill of Wild Animals is The New Enemy to India’s Wildlife

Human wildlife Conflict is one of the major threat to Indian wildlife, human activities such as deforestation,Habitat loss,Lack of prey and illegal roads cut through forest are threaten the safety and survival of wildlife in India. Lack of prey pushing leopards,jackal,wolf and other nocturnal wild animals towards the cities. Speeding vehicles in Indian states are killing many animals annually mostly Chital Deer,mouse deer,Fox,birds,snakes and nocturnal animals such as Indian civets, black-naped hare and mouse deer and some time the big cats including tiger and leopard. Image Source: mongabay,conservationindia and dkhandals


Many wild animals have been killed due to road accidents and speeding vehicles passes through the wildlife protected area. Big animals like sloth bears,striped hyena, blue bull and small creatures such as snakes, monitor lizards and Jackal are getting endangered due to roadkill.


Small creatures are more commonly killed on the roads while they are crossing, does the underpasses on those area can reduce these killings, I doubt. Roads are also used by wild animals for activities such as warming,feeding on fallen grains,insects attracting towards vehicle lights and to get better view to catch prey.


Bandipur National Park located in the state of Karnataka,known for its wildlife and has many types of biomes. The largest protected area in southern India has two national highways (NH-67) and ( NH-212 ) passes through the park and the road has been a major concern for wild animals as speeding vehicles have killed many wild animals including Tiger, Leopard, Elephant calf, Indian Civet and deer.


Sathyamangalam wildlife sanctuary and tiger reserve is a protected area and server as the important wildlife corridor for Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. National Highway NH 209 connecting Dindigul and Bengalurupasses through Sathyamangalam STR forests, is a major concern for wildlife.


Other then roadkill,wild animals have to also deal with speeding trains,human wild animal interaction and brutal and insensitive animal torture by the villagers. Few of the worst incident in India are six elephants run over by speeding train in Odisha,speeding train kills six elephants in West Bengal and villagers kill leopard and string it from tree,killed a juvenile bear and elephant calf electrocuted in Odisha. Image source: newindianexpress

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