Ten Most Spectacular Water Bird Sanctuaries in India

Indian lakes and water bodies provide shelter to variety of flora and fauna and birds are one of the main resident of lakes. Area around the some of these lakes are known as bird sanctuary due to the visitors of many variety of local as well as migratory birds. Vembanad Lake and Sultanpur Lake are some of the two best place for bird watching, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary and Sultanpur.

Bird Sanctuary are the name of these two Sanctuaries lies along the lake with same name. Other Indian bird Sanctuaries are Mayani Bird Sanctuary,Thattekad Bird Sanctuary Kerala, Karnala Bird Sanctuary,Harike Bird Sanctuary,Karera Bird Sanctuary and Ousteri lake bird sanctuary, the first bird sanctuary of Pondicherry.

Carambolim Lake Bird Sanctuary


Carambolim Lake is one of famous lake in old Goa and one of the best place of bird watching in Goa. Largest wetland of Carambolim Lake Bird Sanctuary supports a large population of local and migratory birds. Its is also known for the big population of herbivorous birds in India. Bird can be spotted here are Spot-billed pelican,Herons,Sarus Crane,water fowl and Spotbill Duck.

Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary

Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary

Kanwar Lake of Begusarai, Bihar is the largest freshwater oxbow lake of Asia and biggest oxbow lake of India. The Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary is less popular bird sanctuary but home to 106 species of birds and 60 migratory birds. Due to excessive use of chemicals, loss of habitat and killings of Birds,population of birds in the Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary are falling towards the Critically Endangered,Vulnerable and Near Threatened categories. Oriental White-backed Vulture,Greater Spotted Eagle,Sarus Crane and Black-bellied Tern are few species can be spotted.

Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary

Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary

Pulicat Lake is second largest brackish water lagoon after Chilka Lake, located between the border of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu on the Coromandal Coast of India. Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary is one of the important wetland on the eastern coast of India for migratory birds. Greater flamingos is one the major species of bird spotted here along with egrets,Lesser Whistling Teal, Spotbill Duck,White-bellied Sea Eagle and Osprey.

Chilka Lake Bird Sanctuary


Chilka Lake is the pride of Orissa state and home to a number of threatened species of plants,birds and aquatic animals. The brackish water lake is the largest coastal region lagoon in India and the second largest lagoon in the world. Chilka lagoon host many species of birds during the migratory season and Nalaban Island is the major attractions of this bird sanctuary. Bird can be spotted here are Spot-billed pelican, Herons, water fowl and peregrine falcon,world’s most widespread bird of prey.

Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary

Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary

Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary is the only bird sanctuary located in the state of Jharkhand near a place called Udhwa. Udhwa Lake or Patauda Lake is the best place for Migratory birds during the every winter season. The Pataura and Berhale lakes and Rajmahal Hills makes udhwa lake bird sanctuary as one of the best place for bird watching. Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary is yet to be explore with Blue Rock Pigeon,common mynas, brahminy mynas, Lark and green Bee-eater.

Kolleru Lake Bird Sanctuary


Kolleru Lake is a freshwater lake situated between the delta of Krishna and Godavari river in Andhra Pradesh state. Kolleru Lake is one of the greatest and clean water lakes of south India and provides home to many species of wildlife around it. The Kolleru Lake Bird Sanctuary is famous for varieties of waterfowl,Spot-billed Pelicans and Asian Openbill.

Thol Lake Bird Sanctuary

Thol lake bird sanctuary

Thol Lake is a fresh water lake situated near the local village called Thol at north-west of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Thol Lake Bird Sanctuary is home to more than 100 species of birds and best place for nest and breed of migratory birds. Avifauna of Thol Lake Bird Sanctuary are Painted Stork, Asian Openbill Stork, Common Spoonbill, Woolly-necked Stork, Black-headed Ibis, Lesser Whistling Duck, Indian Shag, and nest of weaver birds.

Bhindawas Lake Bird Sanctuary


Bhindawas Lake is the largest lake of Haryana,located in the Rohtak city of Haryana. Bhindawas Lake is the center of attraction along with wetland and yellow mustard fields around. The beautiful Bhindawas Lake attracts a larger number and variety of the avian species from around the world. Avifauna of Bhindawas Bird Sanctuary are Northern Pintail,Indian Peafowl Vulnerable Lesser White-fronted Goose,Endangered Baer’s Pochard and Near-threatened Ferruginous Duck.

Dhalipur Lake Bird Sanctuary

Dhalipur lake Bird Sanctuary is also known as Assan Barrage Bird Sanctuary,located in the border of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh in the Doon Valley. The Asan Barrage is situated at the confluence of Canal of Yamuna and Asan River near Dehradun. Wetland of Assan Barrage Bird Sanctuary is the Paradise for bird watchers with Brahminy Duck, Pintail, Red Crested Pochard, Gadwall, Common Pochard, Mallard, Coot, Wigeon and Common Teal.

Vedanthangal Lake Bird Sanctuary


Vedanthankal Lake is located near the Kancheepuram in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.Vedanthankal means hamlet of the hunter, it was one of the best spot for hunting the birds during the old era.Vedanthangal Lake Bird Sanctuary is one of the oldest water bird sanctuaries of India and consist of dotted small lakes.Vedanthankal Lake Bird Sanctuary is home to many species of migratory birds such as pintail, garganey, grey wagtail, blue-winged teal,Indian Cormorant or Indian Shag and common sandpiper.



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