The 5 Extinction Wild Animals in India

There was a time when India was home for some of the most beautiful wild animals, Due to excessive hunting and poaching for sport and body parts by man, these wild animals have become extinction. Some of the wild species are on the brink of extinction and some of them are already extinction such as Dangs Giant Squirrel and Aldabra banded snail. Critically endangered species in India are the Great cats,one Horne rhinoceros,Ganges river dolphins,Purple frog,birds species such as Himalayan Quail,Great Indian Bustard and Indian Horn-bill and many small mammals.The Indian government is planning a re-wilding project for Cheetahs.

10 Most Amazing Extinct Animals of Indian Subcontinent

Indian Cheetah: Indian Cheetah also known as Asiatic Cheetah have been known to exist in India for a very long time. Due to access hunting, Deforestation and habitat loss,the fastest land animal on earth become extinct in India. The Asiatic Cheetah is a rare and critically endangered species of Big Cats family,now found today only in Iran so also known as the Iranian Cheetah, world’s last few are occasional sightings in neighbor countries of India. Indian Cheetah was found in semi-desert areas of Rajasthan and Gujarat and other open habitats where prey is available.


Indian Aurochs: The Indian Aurochs once lived in the hot and dry areas of India. The huge wild cattle was larger than most modern domestic cattle with height of 6.6 ft and weight of 1,000 kilograms. The Indian bison or The gaur is the largest species of wild cattle found in India.zebu and gaur are the Indian cattle, who are quite similar to the extinct wild Indian Aurochs. Extinct type of cattle was the most challenging hunting wild animal like the wild water buffalo and wild boar.


Sivatherium: Sivatherium was a very large approximately 7ft tall extinct animal found in India. The giant beasts was first discovered in India, where it was called as “Sivatherium” due to the Hindu God Lord Shiva. The Sivatheres were the tallest and fastest monsters found in India ever.sivatherium-India

Sumatran Rhinoceros: The Sumatran Rhinoceros has been declared as one of the extinct animal in India. The sumatran rhinoceros is the smallest rhinoceros with two horns and only extant species of the genus Dicerorhinus. The extinct sumatran rhinoceros,once roamed and inhabited rainforests of India and neighbor north east Asian countries. They are now critically endangered species and estimated to number fewer than 275 only and found in neighbor countries of India.


Pink-Headed Duck: Pink-headed Duck was a large diving blackish-brown duck,It was one of the most beautiful bird in India. The long-necked duck once found in throughout India,But it’s beautiful appearance made it most hunted birds in India, Due to access of hunting this beautiful bird is fall in the category of extinct birds in India. There is hope that the critically endangered species could still survive in some part of India our neighbor countries.Pinkheaded-Duck



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