The Great Indian Elephant:Elephas Maximus Indicus

Elephas maximus indicus is one of three subspecies of the Asian Elephant and the Great Indian Elephant, the largest population of which is found in India.The other two are Sumatra and Maximus. Indian Elephant has long front legs and thinner than the Asian elephants.elephant tend to be nomadic and roaming in nature and do not stay in one place for more than a few days. Number of elephant is falling due to poaching of adult male elephants for ivory number of elephant. Asian elephant found in Thailand,Vietnam ,Bangladesh, Bhutan and Cambodia.


Indian Elephants:India has the largest population of elephants but due to human encroachment, mining, construction of dam number of elephants are falling. Most of elephants are found in the northeastern states of India Assam, Arunachal Pradesh.
Indian Elephants are different than African elephants in following manners:
Indian elephants have smaller ears but larger trunks
Toes are large and broad
Abdomen is proportionate to body
The Indian Elephants are up to 21 ft long.


Mahout and Elephants:Now a days Indian elephants become part of our daily lives in city. In India we worship elephant as they are the symbol of God Ganesha. The person who take care of elephants are called Mahout. Elephants are very loyal to their mahouts. A young boy will grow up with a baby elephant and together they develop a lifetime bond based on trust and affection. After mahout his son serve the elephants for his whole life. Its very rare to heard that an elephant has killed his mahouts, its depending upon the situation and circumstances.This could be a reason during musth the male elephant is highly dangerous for every one.


Worship of Elephants: The Elephant is a Part of Hindu Culture. The popular Hindu god Ganesha has the head of an elephant, and Ganesha is the most popular deity in India, it is worshiped by almost all castes. Ganesha is worshiped as Pillaiyar in Tamil. Elephants are worship in Trichur Pooram Festival in Kerala.

There are many elephant farms in South India where these elephants are specially trained to take part in temple worship.Many major template has their own elephants.The largest elephant farm in India is Punnathurkotta of Guruvayoor temple, and has about four dozen domesticated elephants. Each elephant has three mahouts,The most important duty of the mahouts is to bathe and massage the elephant with small rocks, and the husk of coconuts then elephants are decorated with gold plated caparisons, bells, and necklaces.


People mounted on the elephants hold tinseled silk parasols up high, swaying white tufts and peacock feather fans to the rhythm of the orchestra. In National parks of India, elephants are used as safari for tourist. These elephants very well trained and they also user by forest guards to keep on eyes on forest and its day to day activities. Elephants are help guards to track Tigers and poachers, with the help of elephants forest guards can check deep forest as well. Nibha Namboodiri is the first woman mahout in India. She is a zoologist from Kerala state.

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