Top 5 Little Known Predators of Wild Indian Forest

Wild India forest gives you a fascinating and good experience of nature along with Eco-tourism and wildlife. Indian Forest is home to the most magnificent creatures on earth such as Indian wild tiger,Indian lions,rhinoceros and Indian leopard. These are the apex predators of Indian wildlife but there are few medium sized animals and little known wild predators of wild forest such as Indian Pangolin,Indian Wolf,Indian Civet and Indian wild Dog, who are giving a tough fight.

Indian Wolf


The Indian wolfs are distributed across the Indian Subcontinent and classed as Endangered species. Himalayan wolf lives in the trans-Himalayan region from Kashmir to Himachal Pradesh and also fall in the category of critically endangered canid species.

Indian Wild Dog

Indian wild dog

The dhole or Indian wild dog is a highly social animal living in large clans and a diurnal pack hunter targets medium and large sized deers. Indian wild dog listed as endangered and lives in the Central Indian Highlands and the Western and Eastern Ghats.

Indian Striped Hyenas


The striped hyena is near threatened species of true hyena native to the Indian Subcontinent. A nocturnal animal and known to kill their own prey and also attacks on humans.

Indian Desert Cat


Indian wildcat or Thar Desert Cat inhabit the Thar Desert and very common in the Rajasthan villages. The caracal is small in size compare to other wild felines and hunt for rodents, rabbits and lizards.

Indian Jackal


The Indian Jackal is a subspecies of golden jackal also known as the Himalayan jackal. Jackals inhabits lowlands on the outskirts of towns, villages farms and diet with rodents, reptiles, fruit and insects.

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