Top 5 Longest and Largest Snakes of India

Most of the longest and largest snakes are non poisonous and harmless to humans but their bites can still be devastating. The Big Four Indian snakes are Indian cobra,Common krait,Russell’s viper and Saw-scaled viper, these are listed as most poisonous snakes of India. There are only four major snake parks in India, known for home of so many species of Indian snakes.

The 5 Largest and Longest Snakes in India

King Cobra – General Length 15.8 ft


Giant King Cobra is the longest venomous snake in the world and the longest snake in India, grow up to 18.8 ft. King Cobra is found in the western ghats of India, especially in the region of Kerala. Its one of the six highly venomous snake in India and rarely responsible for killing of human and animals.

Indian Python – General Length 9.8 ft


Indian rock python is one of the largest and longest non venomous snake of India,found in all the regions of India. Python is known as Ajgar in India,found in a variety of habitats including the rocky foothills,rainforests and river valleys.

Indian Rat Snake – General Length 7.6 ft


Indian Rat Snake also known as dhaman is the species of colubrid snake and their colour varies as per the regions they belong. Dhaman are the fastest snake in India but the favourite reptilian prey of the Great King Cobra.

Indian Cobra – General Length 6.0 ft


Indian cobra locally known as Nag or Naja naja is one of the most dangerous snakes in India and part of one of the Big Four Deadliest Indian Snakes to Human, killing around 1000 people each year. Naja naja can be spotted during the Nag Panchami,the festival of worship the snakes.

Common Krait – General Length 5.4 ft


The one of the 6 most venomous snake of India and one of the most dangerous of all other Asian snakes,found in the jungles of Indian subcontinent. Krait snake is responsible for most snakebites in India,killing approximately 3000 people a year in India.

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