Top 5 New Species of Animals Discovered In The Great Himalayas

As per the the discovery report from WWF, 200 new animals and plant species discovered in the Himalayas. The region includes Indian states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Sikkim, areas of north Bengal along with Nepal, Bhutan. Species new to science found in the Eastern Himalayas are named as snakehead Walking Fish,Sneezing Monkey,Spotted Wren Babbler,Blue Eyed Frog and Himalayan Lance-Headed Pit Viper.

Walking Fish

A blue dwarf snakehead fish has been discovered in a swamp forest of West Bengal, officially named Channa andrao. The walking snakehead fish is one of the very rare of snakehead fish species in the area of swamp.

Sneezing Monkey

The snub-nosed monkey which sneezes in the rain discovered in the Eastern Himalayas. Critically endangered sneezing monkey has been well-known to local people for years in Myanmar.

Spotted Wren Babbler

New bird named as spotted wren-babbler is one of the more than 1,000 species of birds in the Himalayas. The tiny spotted wren-babbler is extremely secretive and difficult to observe found in thick and  dense Himalayan forests.

Blue Eyed Frog

The Indian Blue Eyed Frog is different to other species of frog species discovered in Himalayas. Its eyes are a strikingly grey-blue and one of the most interesting species of frog in India.

Himalayan Lance-Headed Pit Viper


A new Pit Viper snake species has been discovered with a yellow, red and orange pattern. Named as the Himalayan lance-headed pit viper and has extremely toxic venom.Image

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