Wildlife Safari in The Wilderness of Kanha Kisli National Park

Wildlife Photography in Kanha National Park of Madhya Pradesh

The famous land of Tigers, Kanha Kisli National Park is located in the Mandla and Balaghat districts of Madhya Pradesh. Kanha Tiger Reserve has 60 Royal Bengal Tiger and significant population of  leopards, the sloth bear, Indian wild dog,Indian bison and Barasingha also known as swamp deer.

It is the largest National Park in Central India and one of the biggest wildlife park in India with an area of 940 km² and stretches over the neighbouring Phench Sanctuary with an area of 110 km²  and forms the Kanha Tiger Reserve, The Land of  Majestic Tigers.

The lush sal trees and bamboo forests with grassy meadows and ravines of Kanha makes it one of the most beautiful forest for Indian tigers and its prey such as chital or spotted deer,Sambar deer and wild boar.

The national park has deer species of chital or spotted deer,barking deer, sambar, blackbuck and the highly endangered barasingha or Hard Ground Barasingha or swamp deer. India is the only country with 9 species of deer in the world. Follow the link for stunning pictures of Wild animals of Kanha.


Dense forested area of Kanha National Park is divided into four major zones known as Kanha,Kisli,Mukki and Sarhi. Kanha zone is the biggest wild area among others and offers majestic view of jungle during the safari.


Kanha National Park is filled with large varieties of fauna out of which the jungle is best known for Barasingha or swamp deer. It is known for its striking feature of 12-tined or horned and only found in Kanha National Park along with some other park of central India.


Black-faced grey langur,Spotted deer and Sambar-deer are most common sighting in Kanha along with birds such as most beautiful Indian roller,Plum-headed Parakeet and rare Yellow-wattled Lapwing.


The most famous way to track and spot  the wild animals is using the Elephant Safari, Kanha National Park also offers special elephant safari or joy ride along with hiking around the specific and limited area.


How To Reach Kanha

Jabalpur is the most convenient place in Madhya Pradesh to reach Kanha via Mandla, Its 151 km from Jabalpur and takes 5:30 hours to reach the Kanha wildlife park.


Bus (MP-51-P-0102) run every morning at 7:00 am from Jabalpur bus stand to Kanha and drop the passenger in front of Kanha entrance in Khatia village.

Another option is, travel Jabalpur to Mandla (In case you did not get direct bus) and get a taxi or mini bus from Mandla to Khatia village.

Where To Stay


There are many big and small resorts available in the Khatia village equipped with all the possible facilities.

One of them is Motel Chandan close to the entrance gate and charged 1250 per night for (without AC) and 1850 (AC)-Fair may change.

How To Book Ticket


One can easily book tickets in advance for Safari in Kanha Park through the online portal of Madhya Pradesh State Forest Department (mponline).

Current reservation is also available at the entrance gate of  park in Khatia village, need to fill a form and pay the required sum of ticket plus Jeep.

Safari Charges and Timing


Tickets are available at Rs 1250 for entry in Kisli, Mukki and Serai zone and 1750 for Kanha zone plus separate fees must be paid for Jeep hire and Jeep entry (Rs 1800). Rates may change

Morning  Ride Hours: 6:30 am to 11:00 noon

Evening Ride Hours: 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm

When To Travel


Best time and Season to travel Kanha is between February to June, I was there in January though but during the summer season chances are more to spot tigers as compare to winter.

As the inland water resources of jungle get dry, all the wild animal come out of the dense forest  in the search of water, that’s when we can spot all animals at one place.

Park remain closed during the monsoon season from 1 July to 15 October, Kanha national park receive pretty heavy rain.

Follow the link to see Wildlife Photographs of Kanha National Park  and drop us a comment for any question and for suggestion, To know more about the most beautiful and Wildest Kanha National Park and other parks of India follows us on facebook.

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  • Excellent information. Kanha National Park is one of the top wildlife destinations in India to explore the wildlife and natural beauty. It is the best place to see the various flora and fauna including some rare plants, animals and birds. I have visited over there few months back and stayed at Singinawa Jungle Lodge and overall it was a great experience to visit Kanha National Park for wildlife safari and other activities. Thanks for brilliant share. Highly appreciated.

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