Wildlife Species in The Great Indian Desert of Thar-Ocean of Sand

The diversified habitat and ecosystem of the Great Indian Desert of long stretches of sand provide shelter to many species of animals,birds,reptiles and insects along with many other species of dessert creatures. Thar desert is home of 25 species of snakes, 23 species of lizard and 141 species of migratory and resident birds.

List of Wild Animals in the great Thar Desert of India



The ecosystem of thar desert region is offers home to some of the critically endangered species of animals in India. Major animal of thar desert includes Caracal,Wolf and Red Fox.

Red Fox


Desert cat


Desert Jird


Small animals of thar desert includes Kangaroo Rat and Desert cats.



The Avifauna of Thar Desert has a long list of Bird of Prey along with other species of migratory as well as resident birds of thar desert. The Greater Spotted Eagles along with Long legged buzzard and other species of vultures,Short-toed Snake Eagle and Great Indian Bustard are few most common birds of thar desert. Image Source: Wikipedia

Greater Spotted Eagles


Great Indian Bustard

Indian Peafowl


Other more birds of thar desert are Desert Warbler, Sandgrouse,Kestrel,Laggar Falcons, Short Eared Owl and Bats.



The long stretches of sand is home to 25 species of snakes and about 23 species of lizard, saw scaled viper and Thar Desert Monitor are commonly spotted. The Saw Scaled Viper and Black Cobra are two apex predators of the region of desert.

Spiny Tailed Lizard


Sand Boa


Saw Scaled Viper, Thar Desert Monitor,Gecko,Black Cobra and Sand Boa, The Indian sand boa is a nonvenomous snakes and its Smuggling and poaching in India makes the rare species on the verge of extinction.


Desert land of thar also host scorpion, Spider and other species of Arthropods.

Desert Scorpion




Insects in the land of thar desert includes Desert Grasshopper and Dung Beetles.

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