12 Popular Brands of Chocolates and Confectionery In India

Confectionery industry in India is a growing market for chocolate making companies and today considered as one of the fastest-growing sector. Sugar confectionery food items are rich in sugar and carbohydrate, In some cases confections made of chocolate, nuts and sugar-free versions.

Confections also includes sweet pastries, cakes, cookies, sweets, chewing gum, candy, chocolate, lollies and toffee in separate category. The most popular Chocolates, Toffee, Candy and Confectionery brands in India are Cadbury, Amul, Lotte India, sssParle, Nestle and ITC.

Dark Chocolates By Amul


Amul chocolates are made using high-quality ingredients of milk and cocoa, classic dark chocolate, energy bar and milk chocolate with goodness of creamy are best dessert. Available in many variants of 50% Dark, 70% Dark and 90% Dark Chocolates.

Melody/Friberg Chocolate By Parle


Parle Friberg Milk Chocolate with 72% Cocoa is imported from Belgium. Chocolates, Candy and Toffees by Parle are very popular among all ages, The brand includes Cafechino,Londonderry, Eclairs, Melody and Kismi are the iconic toffees blended with caramel and milk.


CandyMan/Fabelle By ITC


ITC Candyman stick is fantastik with crunchy wafer outside and delicious choco creme inside. ITC also produce Jelimals and wide new range of fabelle chocolate. ITC Limited has a total of 13 businesses with industries such as cigarettes, FMCG, hotels and paperboards.

Chuckles By Lotus


Lotus Chocolates is one of the most popular brand and manufacturers one of the finest chocolates, cocoa products in India. The handmade chocolates brand Chuckles is the chocolate available with the goodness of milk chocolate.

Dairy Dream By Campco


Chocolate bars by Campco offers a wide collection of milk and dark chocolate candy, bars and toffee with the goodness of milk and finest homegrown cocoa. Campco chocolate company in India is located in the city of Mangaluru and produce over 23,000 tonnes of cocoa-based products.

Coffee Bite/Choco Pie By Lotte

Coffy bite classic toffee by Lotte is one of the most popular brand of toffee in India with a wonderful blend of rich coffee and milk cream. The Coffee Bite is a coffee or a toffee ? Try and let us know.


Snickers By Mars


Snickers chocolate bar by Mars Incorporated is one of the best selling candy bar in India, Crammed with peanuts and topped with caramel and nougat followed by milk chocolate. The energy cum chocolate bar is all time favourite bar and increasingly popular in India.

DairyMilk By Cadbury


Cadbury dairy milk chocolate is made with milk and chocolate with richness and creaminess. The brand of milk chocolate is manufactured by Cadbury and one of the the best selling chocolate bar in India.


KitKat/MilkyBar By Nestle

KitKat Chocolatory by Nestle offers the ultimate KitKat breaks from your busy schedule and is one of the most successful brands in the world. Chocolates and Confectionery brands by Nestle also includes MilkyBar, Munch, BarOne and KitKat.


Candy/Toffee Confectionery By Candico

Candico India is a popular confectionery brand and one of the largest Indian confectionery company. The Candico manufacturing facility at Nagpur is one of the largest manufacturing facilities of its kind in India and range of confectionery product includes Toffees and Candies.

Ferrero Rocher/Kinder Joy By Ferrero


Kinder Joy brand by Italian confectionery company Ferrero, Rocher brand of chocolate is very famous and offers a unique taste of creamy crunchy wafer. Other popular brands of Ferrero are Tic Tac, Nutella, Ferrero Rocher and the company opened a factory in Baramati.


Brookside By Hershey


Brookside smooth dark chocolate offers a unique taste experience of dark cocoa rich chocolate and exotic fruit flavors. Brookside Chocolates brand by Hershey India brings the happiness with quality chocolates available across outlets in leading cities of India.

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