15 Top Brands of Popular Flavoured Drinks In India

Fruit juices and drinks have become more popular in India in Packages. There are list of brands offering great taste and wide range of soft drinks, Flavoured drinks and fruit juice in India, Few popular brands includes Patanjali, Real, Raw and Tropicana.

Amul – Kool / Masti

Amul brand is the most popular in India, The Taste of India – offers wide range of dairy products. The brand providing the best range of Amul flavoured beverages including Kool milk shake, Spiced butter milk, prolife lassee and other refreshing milk based natural products.

Mother Dairy – Buttermilk / Nutrifit

Tadka Chach or spiced buttermilk by Mother Dairy is cool and refreshing flavoured drinks with spices like ginger, green chili and Jeera or cumin seeds. Mother Dairy is owned subsidiary of the National Dairy Development Board that also manufactures and sells dairy products, edible oil Dhara and frozen vegetables as brand Safal.

Verka – Jal Jira / Aam Panna

Verka Sweet Lassi is one of the best sweet, delicious and refreshing flavoured drink, made from pasteurized standardised milk. Lassi is a the most popular traditional summer drink from the state of Punjab and refreshing milk based drink.

Govind – Lassi

Govind Sweet Lassi is one of the best sweet, delicious and refreshing flavoured drink, made from pasteurized standardised milk. Lassi is a the most popular traditional summer drink from the state of Punjab and Govind milk is a top dairy manufacturer in India.

Britannia – Winkin Cow Milk Shake

Britannia Winkin’ Cow thick Vanilla milk shake offers incredible taste of goodness of vanilla and cocoa. The Winkin’ Cow brand with wholesomeness of milk and taste of chocolate, cocoa powder, making it preferred milk drink.

There are more milk shake brands such as Parle Agro Smoodh Milkshake, Hersheys Milk Shake and Cavin’s Vanilla Milkshake are available in India.

Raw – Fruit Juices

RAW Pressery offers fruit juices and milkshakes online at the best prices in India, also drinks like mixed fruits juice, high protein milkshake with rich calcium, natural coconut water and dairy free almond milk shake.

Storia – Coconut Water

Storia brings best Coconut water with no added sugar, from the richest coconut belts from India, like Kerala. The company also manufacturer India’s highest fruit content shake like mango, banana, chocolate and coffee.

Paper Boat – Drinks


Drinks are all my favorite and does not use artificial coloring or preservatives. The Indian beverages company offers a range of traditional Indian drinks such as Thandai, Aam Panna, Kokum, Jaljeera and Aam Ras.

Paper Boat also launched 500 ml Tetra packs of most popular drinks and Indian snacks like Banana Chips, Aam Papad, Bakarwadi, Shakar Para, peanut chikki and dry fruits.

ITC – B Natural Mixed Fruit Juice


Fruit Juice brand from ITC B Natural offers delicious taste of fruit nutrition with the goodness of Fruit & Fibre! B Natural Juices are now also available online at best price on ITC Store.

Parle – Appy Fizz

Parle Agro Apple Appy Fizz drink contains carbonated and vitamin A with sweet taste of apple flavour along with a tangy flavour that refreshes you.

Fanta Apple Delite is another very popular apple fruit drink in India, Fanta’s new flavor Apple Delite is a brand of Coca-Cola India. Coca-Cola India is a subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company that operates in India and offer wide range of cold drinks.

Coca Cola – Maaza


Maaza is the most popular mango drink with the real mango juice, now also has orange and pineapple variants of fruits.

The Coca-Cola fruit drink brand competes with Pepsi’s Slice and Parle Fruti Mango fruit juice.

Dabur – Real Fruit Juice


Real fruit Power is the best fruit juice brand in India, Made from best quality fruits and available in Mosambi, Litchi, Guava and Blackcurrant, Pineapple and Cranberry flavours.

Tropicana – Orange


Tropicana orange juice is made with the finest selected oranges with no added sugar, preservatives, colour or artificial flavouring. The brand offers 100% orange, mixed fruit juice and Pina colada, a combination of delicious grapefruit and Pineapple.

Pran – Litchi

Pran Litchi flavoured drink is another most popular flavoured drink in India, Pran Litchi gives you the best taste of Litchi fruit. The top litchi drink brand from BD now available in India with quality.

Mapro – Syrup

Mapro fruit juices & drinks are very popular in Maharashtra and now also available online at best price. Sharbat & Topping by Mapro give you a better taste of Kokum, Butterscotch, Pineapple and Strawberry Syrup along with Crush and Jams.

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