10 Best Lesser Known Brands of Honey in India

Here is the list of top 10 brands of pure and best honey along with Khadi Honey, Dyu Honey, Honey Basket, Bharat Honey and Sundarban Honey

Bonphool Natural Mangrove Honey

Bonphool pure Natural Mangrove Honey is an initiative supported by Sundarban Biosphere Reserve and collected from mangrove forests of Sundarbans. Honey is collected by the Maulis -the traditional honey collectors and fishermen.

Spirit of the Tribe Simlipal Honey

Spirit of the Tribe Simlipal Honey is Prepared by the Baghua Mahumachhi and offers unique aroma and flavour of the Simlipal forest wilderness. Simlipal National Park in the Mayurbhanj district in of Odisha and home to Bengal tiger, Asian elephant, gaur, and chausingha.

Wild Honey

This dark amber honey is harvested from wild beehives in the forests of Jim Corbett and surrounding area of national park. Honey contains the nectar of various wildflowers and contains the maximum antioxidants.

Organic India Multi Floral Honey


Organic India Multi Floral Forest Honey collected from the Himalayan forest and delicious as being a natural source of Energy. The Indian honey bee – Apis cerana indica are one of the five known species of honey bees found in India.

24 Mantra Honey


24 Mantra Organic from the mountains of Himalaya and price may also varies as the organic honey or raw honey comes straight from the beehive. Organic means without pesticides and fertilizers,Crops are grown the natural way.

Apis Himalaya Honey


Apis honey is trusted across India and offers one of the finest quality of honey in the country. The brand offers unmatched taste and quality also emerged as the honey specialist brand for the natural category.

Honey & Spice – Wild Honey


Wild Honey by Honey & Spice is made by the wild bees and collected by real honey hunters from the forest of India. Mangroves honey, Himalayan Wild Honey and Honey from central, eastern and western ghats of India are some of the popular products of Honey & Spice.

Beez Honey

Beez Honey brand is another major supplier of honey in the Indian Market also specializes in different types of honey. The company offers various types of packages like Family of Bears, Squeeze Pet Jar, Hexa Pet Jars and Pet Jar with Handle.

Dyu Honey

Dyu honey brand collected from one of the native honey bee found in India – Apis cerana indica and sourced from the Western Ghats, an area famous for its rich flora and fauna.

UTMT Organic Pure Honey

UTMT a social firm that produces different types of pure natural honey and this honey collected from the holy forests of Narmada’s river valley and loaded with nutrients, antioxidants, flavonoids and healing compounds

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