10 Upcoming Longest National Expressway of India

Indian road network is the third largest road network in the world, connecting every major city and minor towns. The road network of India is mixture of National highways,Modern highways,Freeway,over bridges and the Expressways. These modern Express highways are highest class road of Indian network and equipped with latest technologies like CCTV,Temperature and Speed measure equipments with SOS booths and help numbers.

These upcoming Express highways will add another star to the long Indian road network. As of now the Yamuna Expressway formerly known as Taj Expressway is the longest 6-lane controlled-access expressway highway in India. Maharashtra is also making its one of the longest highway known as Nagpur Aurangabad Mumbai express highway with an length of 700km. As these are under construction, Proposed and Planned road projects, some of the Images in this article are belong to existing national Highway’s of the same route.

Ganga Expressway – 1,047 km


The Ganga Expressway is a 8-lane access controlled express highway of 1,047 km runs along with the holy river Gange. Ganga Expressway will connect Greater Noida to Ballia in Uttar Pradesh state along with other major cities Varanasi, Allahabad, Rae Bareli, Kanpur, Farrukhabad and Bulandshahr. Ganga Expressway is the longest expressway in India and will be equipped with all the possible facilities.

Pathankot Ajmer Expressway – 600 km

The Pathankot Ajmer Expressway will run through the Punjab and Rajasthan state and connect Pathankot with Ajmer via Jalandhar. Pathankot Ajmer Expressway is 600 km 8-lane express highway, will be the second longest expressway in India after The Ganga Expressway. Image source team-bhp.

Jaipur Delhi Expressway – 235 km


The Delhi-Jaipur Expressway is proposed six-lane expressway, connects Delhi to Jaipur. The 235 km long express highway will run through the Rajasthan,Haryana and Delhi. Delhi-Jaipur Expressway will some section of National Highway NH8.

Outer Ring Road Expressway – 158 km

outer ring road expressway

The Outer Ring Road Expressway or ORR of Hyderabad is a 8-lane controlled-access expressway who will provide connectivity to National highways NH 9, NH 7, NH 4 with other state highways. The 158 km expressway is a ring road expressway encircling the Hyderabad City of Andhra Pradesh.

Mumbai Nashik Expressway – 150 km


The Mumbai Nashik Expressway is long express highway connecting the financial capital Mumbai to the holy city Nashik. Mumbai Nashik Expressway is 150 km long expressway also use some section of the National Highway 3. Its one of the major gateways to connect Mumbai, Maharashtra with rest of the Indian cities.

Hindon Expressway – 150 km


The Hindon Expressway is officially known as Upper Ganga Canal Expressway, connecting Noida to Haridwar through Muzaffarnagar. The Upper Ganga Canal Expressway us eight lane controlled-access express highway of 150 run through the Uttar Pradesh . Image is road along with the upper Ganga Canal.

Kundli Manesar Palwal (KMP) Expressway – 135.6 km

Kundli Manesar Palwal(KMP) Expressway

The Kundli Manesar Palwal Expressway or KMP Expressway is bypass the traffic from south Delhi to NH 2. Kundli Manesar Palwal Expressway is 135.6 km signal free highway run across the Haryana state. This is also known as Western Peripheral Expressway connect Kundli of Sonepat to Palwal through Manesar in Gurgaon.

Eastern Peripheral Expressway – 135 km


The Eastern Peripheral Expressway is a controlled-access express highway runs through the Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. The 135 km express highway will run majorly in Uttar Pradesh and bypass the Delhi at Easter side and provide signal-free connectivity between Ghaziabad and Faridabad along with Greater NOIDA and Palwal.

Eastern Peripheral Expressway or KGP Expressway is regarded as National Expressway 2, first is the Ahmedabad Vadodara Expressway. Image is an existing road toward Ghaziabad.

Raipur-Bilaspur Expressway – 126 km


The Raipur-Bilaspur Expressway is a under construction express highway connecting two major city of Chhattisgarh state. An controlled-access highway of 126 km will reduce the journey between Raipur the capital city of Chhattisgarh and Bilaspur, the second-largest city. Raipur-Bilaspur Expressway is the first expressway of Chhattisgarh state. The express highway is a part of NH 6 or the G.E. Road (Great Eastern Road).

Hungund Hospet Expressway – 99 km 


The Hungund Hospet Expressway is a 99km long access-controlled toll expressway runs through the Karnataka state and will connect Hungund and Hospet. The four-lane toll expressway will use existing National highway NH 13 will be one of the most prestigious project in Karnataka.