Top 7 Brackish Bodies of Water in India

Bodies of water of brackish lagoons, marshes and deltas are lakes with an average salinity and mixture of freshwater and seawater. Notable brackish bodies of water in India are Chilika Lake in Odisha,Kutch Salt Marsh,Pulicat Lake of Andhra Pradesh and Kerala Backwaters. These brackish bodies of water are home to rich flora and fauna diversity and endangered animals,variety of migratory birds.

Chilika Lake, Odisha


The brackish water lagoon or Chilika Lake of Odisha is largest coastal lagoon in India which is home to a number of threatened species of plants and animals. Chilika Lake is the second largest lagoon in the world and largest wintering ground for migratory birds, it also supports a unique life of marine, brackish and freshwater species.

Pulicat Lake, Andhra Pradesh


Pulicat Lake at the border of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu is the second largest brackish water lake in India and home to Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary. The Pulicat lagoon has rich flora and fauna diversity and the lake is feed by major rivers.

Pangong Tso, Ladakh


Pangong Tso is situated at a height of 4250 meters at barren land in Ladakh,The lake is one of the largest brackish lakes in Asia. The lake is one of the most wanted places to visit among domestic tourists which remain completely frozen during winter season.

Kerala Backwaters, Kerala


Kerala backwaters of Kerala is a unique ecosystem of lagoons, lakes and canals both man made and natural. The Kerala Backwater network is interconnected with canals, rivers and lakes and formed National Waterway 3.

Kaliveli Lake, Tamil Nadu

Kaliveli Lake Lagoon is located on the Coromandel Coast near the Bay of Bengal in Tamil Nadu,This Lake is a seasonal wetland with freshwater to brackish water and home to migratory bird flyway. Kaliveli Lagoon is one of the largest wetlands in India and a major tourist attraction in Viluppuram city of Tamil Nadu.

Kutch Salt Marsh, Gujarat


Great Rann of Kutch located in the Thar Desert region of Gujarat is a seasonal salt marsh and the largest salt desert in the world. There are several wildlife sanctuaries and protected area in the Rann of Kutch region and home to largest flocks of greater and lesser flamingos, Indian wild ass, Indian Bustard and Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary.

Sambhar Salt Lake, Rajasthan


The Sambhar Salt Lake of Rajasthan is located near ┬áthe city of Jaipur along National Highway 8. It is India’s┬álargest inland salt lake,actually an extensive saline wetland and home to thousands of flamingos and other birds. This Salt lake is also ranked as one of the top 15 lesser known wonders of Incredible India.

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