10 Popular Brands of Nutrition Drinks in India

Energy drinks are extra nourishment to supplement your diet and the ingredients are water, sugar, milk protein, malted wheat,dried skimmed milk and a mixture of vitamins and minerals.

Here is the list of most popular nutritional supplements, nutrition shakes and energy drinks with full of essential vitamins and the brand also include Nangrow by Nestle, Milo, Amul Pro and Enfagrow.

Boost by Unilever


Boost is the most popular and a leading brand of malt based healthy energy drink in India, available in chocolate flavour and should be consumed as a part of your daily diet and exercise plan.



Horlicks is a nutritional supplement and support immunity with milk, wheat and vitamins. The brand is now own by Unilever in India and a leading nutritious beverage brand in India.

Bournvita by Cadbury


Bournvita brand of chocolate drink is sold in India as well as in North America, The malted and chocolate malt drink combines essential nutrients and one of the most popular health drink in India.



Complan is a milk energy drinks brand owned by the Zydus Wellness in India, Listed as India’s most trusted nutritional brand.This milk based protein drink supports growth and development of children.

Powervita by Patanjali


Powervita by Patanjali is another most powerful health tonic for both Children as well as for adults that contains essential vitamin & minerals. Patanjali Powervita has great benefits, provides strength to the body and good health.

PediaSure by Abbott Laboratories


PediaSure is another brand of Abbott Laboratories that provides complete balanced nutrition for children also supports muscle development, bone development and support Immunity.



Ensure brand of nutritional supplements is manufactured by Abbott Laboratories, an American brand with subsidiary Abbott India Limited and
is the largest healthcare products company in India.



Protinex is another brand of leading adult nutrition drink for the daily consumption and consumed as part of balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.
The drink is combines Protein, Vitamin B1 & B2, Iron and Vitamin A, C, D, E, B12, Folate with zero added sugar.

Quista Kidz by Himalaya


Himalaya Quista kidz not only boost energy but overall growth of your children, This nutritional supplement has Almond, Gotu Kola, Ginger, Colostrum, Tulasi and Milk Protein that support bone and muscle growth.

Malto Vitaa by Continental Milkose


Malto Vitaa is an ideal product for growing kids that provides necessary protein with goodness of malt and milk. Continental Milkose is a food and beverage manufacturing company that manufactures Malt based products, various powders and various food products like Kirti White Butter,Instant noodles and cereal-based foods.

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