10 Popular Dishwash Bar and Liquid Available in India

Dishwashing is common to every Indian household, cleaning dirty pots and pans. There are list of dish wash bar and liquid available in the market, Here are the list of popular dishwash bar and liquid in India.



Vim Bar by hul gives you a pleasant cleaning experience and removes the toughest grease stains with refreshing lemon fragrance. It does wonders by reducing the efforts and time during dishwashing, also available in an Anti-Smell variant.



Xpert dishwash bar by RSPL is a specialist for the utensils offers magical cleaning experience. The new Xpert dishwash bar is now the second largest Dishwash Bar brand of India in terms of volume.



Exo dishwash bar by Jyothy Laboratories is the first-ever round shaped dish wash bar launched in the Indian market. Exo round available in 250g and 500g bundle pack and comes in a classy and stylish packing.



Nip active dishwash bar from fena implies fragrance of Lemon, Chandan & Neem, Its quality and unique fragrance makes dishwashing a pleasant experience. Fena also offers dishwash gel, cop toilet cleaner, Superwash detergent powder and famus sop.



Patanjali Super Dishwash Bar is made of natural and non-toxic ingredients, helps in cleaning burnt stains from the utensils. The Dishwash Bar also removes bad smell from the utensils as well as remove the toughest of dirt.


Pril dishwashing liquid by Jyothy Laboratories is another popular brand in the market and one of the best choices for dishwash liquids available in India. Pril Dishwashing liquid and Exo dishwash bar are popular products of Jyothy Laboratories.

Dettol Kitchen


Dettol Healthy Kitchen liquid dishwash and gel not only leaves your utensils healthy and fresh but also hygienically clean. It is also recommended by Indian medical association as compared to ordinary dish-wash liquid available in the market.



Giffy dishwash liquid by Wipro consumer care is available in two fragrances Lemon and Active Salt, offers 2x faster cleans than ordinary dish wash liquid, bar and gels. The natural ingredients is an ideal for urban households and packed with the benefit of 2 ingredients – salt and lemon.


Jadugar Dish Wash Gel gives you complete cleaning with just only one spoon of Liquid, The company manufacture detergent & dishwash products in affordable prices in your very own Indore.



Skrubble high action dishwash bar and liquid gel by Safechem Industries is developed with advanced formulation that offers good and efficiently cleaning as compare to ordinary dishwash brands. Safechem Industries is a leading manufacturer of detergents and other products in India.

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