Top 15 Best Brands of Edible Oils in India for Cooking

Cooking oils are also called as edible oil, used in food, salad, frying etc and in preparation of other types of cuisines. There is a wide variety of edible oils available in India extracted from plant sources such soybean oil, Cottonseed Oil, Sesame seed Oil, palm oil and and other vegetable oils.

Fortune by Adani Group

Fortune brand of cooking oils offer unique blend of taste and a leading edible oil brand in India. The Fortune brand is India’s largest edible oil brand co-owned by Adani Group with through a joint venture with Wilmar International.

Saffola by Marico

Saffola oil brand is very popular edible oil by Marico Limited and offers range of products for healthy lifestyle. Marico is one of the leading consumer goods (FMCG) companies of India with multiple brands like Parachute hair oil, Saffola oats, Set Wet deo and Hair & Care.

Sundrop by Agro Tech Foods

Sundrop brand of edible oil offers a wide range of healthy oils in India, from groundnut, mustard, Sunflower and refined Corn Oil. Agro Tech Foods with ConAgra Foods is one of the well known food companies in India, offering wide range of edible vegetable oils.

Dhara by Mother Dairy

Dhara Refined Vegetable Oil is a product of Mother Dairy that synonymous to purity, freshness and one of India’s most trusted brand. Mother Dairy is a popular dairy cooperatives that sells milk and milk products like Paneer,Ghee and butter in India.

Dalda by Bunge Limited

Dalda brand of vegetable oil is very popular in India and South Asia, Also one of the longest running brands in the country. Dalda is an iconic brand in India, now offers eight variety of cooking oils with distinct qualities.

Cargill (Gemini, Nature Fresh and Sweekar)

Cargill has a long businesses operations in India with refined oils, oilseeds and food ingredients. The company own most number of leading brands of edible oils in India such as Nature Fresh, Gemini, Sweekar,Sunflower and Leonardo Olive Oil.


There are wide range of organic edible oils from Patanjali Ayurved, Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil, sunflower oil, soyabean oil and Groundnut oil from Patanjali contains essential natural properties and free from chemicals.


Emami brand of cooking oils are healthier and tastier for consumers, specially prepared with best ingredients. Emami Healthy & Tasty cooking oil available in five different types like rice bran oil, Kachchi Ghani Mustard oil, sunflower oil, Refined Soyabean Oil and Vegetable Oil (Palmolein).

Vimal Oil

Vimal Oil & Foods company is committed to quality and integrity, offering superior range of products like Cottonseed oil, Groundnut oil, Mustard oil, Soyabean oil in India. The company regularly promotes its products to create awareness through the print and promotional schemes.

Mahakosh by Ruchi Soya

Ruchi Soya is a manufacturer of edible oils and soya food primarily in India, part of the Ruchi Industries. The company offers wide range of food products include cooking oil brands like Mahakosh Soybean oil, Nutrela oils, Sunrich and Ruchi Gold Palmolein.

Tirupati by N K Proteins

Tirupati _Oil

Edible edible oils by N K Proteins has wide range of products for specialized food industries in India. Sunflower, Soyabean, Mustard, Groundnut, Cottonseed, Palm and Sesame seed oils various types of edible oils manufactured by N K Proteins.

Wagga Wagga Pure

Wagga Wagga Pure cooking oil brand from Australia was brought to India by AGRL, bring the purest. The brand is launching different variants of cooking oil range in India Wagga Wagga Superfry, Diabetes health and Heart care.

Gulab Oils

Gulab refined cooking oil brand from Gujarat is king of my Indian kitchens and a leading cooking oil manufacturer of India. The groundnut, cottonseed, corn, soyabean and sunflower are the popular variants of Gulab Oils.

Freedom by GEF India

Freedom brand of refined sunflower oil by GEF is currently available in Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka in various pack sizes. GEF India is a Hyderabad based company that promote, manufacturing and marketing of Freedom edible oils and fats.

Figaro by Deoleo

Deoleo is an olive oil company that sells olive oil as brand name Figaro in India, Olive oil is also used for cooking in India. There are more manufacture of refined cooking oils in India such as Freedom Refined Sunflower Oil,Gujarat Ambuja Exports Limited, Rasoya Proteins and Nutrela cooking oils.

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