Top 10 Best Indian Brands of Washing Powder

Laundry detergent or washing powder is the basic need of every household, manufactured in powder and now liquid wash. Here is the list of 10 most used Indian brands of washing powder or laundry detergent available along with few brands of Unilever like Surf.

Nirma Washing Powder


Nirma Washing Powder is India’s most trusted and one of the oldest brand of washing powder, based in the city of Ahmedabad. The compnay started as one-product, today major products of Nirma inlcudes Soda ash, Soaps, Tarpaulin, Cement, Castor oil and sugar.

Ghari Detergent Powder


Ghari detergent-washing powder is one of the flagship brand of RSPL Limited, A leader in the detergent market of India. The brand was launched in Kanpur and today Amitabh Bachchan endorse the product for common man and household wives.

Fena Superwash Detergent Powder


Fena superwash detergent powder offers you premium washing experience in comparison to other different brands of ordinary detergent powder available in India. The company was founded in 1976 and today a leading player in home and personal Care products in India, brands include Famus Soap, Cop Toilet Cleaner and nip liquid dishwash.

Klia Fresh Wash Detergent Powder


Klia fresh wash detergent powder is a product of Tata Chemicals, A one of the largest chemical companies in the world and an Indian company that supporting the nation during the fight against the novel COVID-19 pandemic. Tata Klia detergent powder is available online and in most of the metro cities of India at StarBazar hypermarkets.

Patanjali Herbal Wash Detergent Powder


The herbal wash detergent powder not only removes stains and maintains whiteness but also good for clothes, skin and hands. Popular detergent powder from Patanjali has the qualities of neem and citrus lemon properties.

Mr. White Detergent Powder

Mr. White Detergent Powder by Jyothy Laboratories is another brand of detergent which is specially developed for white clothes. The detergent is available in packets of 500g, 1kg, 5kg and the company is one of the fast-moving consumer goods company in India.

Henko Detergent Powder


Henko brand of detergent powder from Jyothy Laboratories is a popular detergent in India, from Henkel Germany with 50.97% stake of Jyothy Laboratories. The company fabric whitener Ujala is the most popular brand in India other brands include White Detergent Powder, Maxo, Margo soap and Exo Pril leading dishwash brands.

Woosh Detergent Powder

Woosh detergent powder is now a very popular brand of detergent for wash, manufactured and marketed by Harsh Clean Dhan. The Mahak Group launched confectionery and now into the high quality detergent powder.

Lead Detergent Powder

Lead detergent is one of the leading brand of detergent as well as in fabric care & household cleaners products, by Ashirwad Group. The Ashirwad Group was established in 1994 in Guajrat and today deal with neighbor states like Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Rajasthan and Maharastra in terms of successful brands like detergent, dishwash, cleaner and other household items.

Gajraj Washing Powder

Gajraj washing powder brand from Rajasthan is situated in Dungarpur and a leading producer of industrial minerals like Limestone, ceramic, washing powder and Dolomite in India. The cleaning agent contain washing soda, waterglass, sodium phosphates etc that remove are pigments, soils from the surfaces.

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