Top 10 Best Selling Condom Brands in India

Latex condoms offers protection from sexually transmitted infections. Nirodh was the first Indian condom brand and most of the people understand Nirodh as a synonym of condom in India.


Durex is one of the best selling condom brands in India as well as in the world, produced by SSL International. SSL International also provides a range of lubricants and sex toys.


Kohinoor is another flagship brand of Durex condom that also offers flavoured condoms like chocolate, strawberry and the new flavours includes Kaala Khatta and Meetha Pan.


Kamasutra brand of condoms is manufactured by Ansell Limited and Raymond Group. It is second largest condom brand in India and available in new variants.


Manforce Condoms are also made from natural rubber latex and one of the best selling condom brand in India. The well known varients of Manforce are strawberry flavoured extra dotted condom and Manforce Extra Dotted Chocolate.


Skore Condoms is another famous brand of Indian condoms, produced by TTK Group. Skore offers one of the best types of flavoured condoms in India.


Moods condom brand is also manufactured HLL Lifecare and has diversified into several variants. The popular range of moods condom brands are dotted, scented, glowing and flavours.


Playgard is another popular Indian brand by Alkem Laboratories, Super dotted condoms with strawberry,Chocolate,Orange and Butterscotch flavor gives ecstatic pleasure.


Okamoto Condoms from is the number 1 selling quality condom of Japan, available online in India as well.


Carex Condoms are imported in India, offer a wide range of flavors like banana, strawberry as well as lubricant.


Nirodh or Deluxe Nirodh was the first brand of condom produced in India, manufactured by HLL Lifecare based in Thiruvananthapuram and is the largest selling condom in India.

Trojan is another well known American brand of condom available in India along with Beboy condom and Fire Xtacy condoms.

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