Top 10 Best Shaving Cream Brands in India

There is a difference between shave gel, shaving foam and shaving cream, used to lubricates the cutting process usually facial hair. Here is the list of most popular shaving cream brands in India.


Denim shaving cream is one of the most popular and old shaving cream brand in India, Specially designed for Indian men with two version of Original and Black.

Old Spice


Old Spice is an American brand of shaving cream that also into the business of deodorants, shampoos, shaving soap and aftershave lotion. The shaving cream, shaving foam and aftershave lotion with Sailing ships image are the flagship product of Old Spice.

Vi John


Vi John is one of the leading shaving cream brand for men in India, also into the business of healthcare and beauty products. The maker of shaving creams and foams for men is one of the most popular in India.


Dettol shaving cream offers refreshingly comfortable shave and skincare for everyday experience. The brand is also into the hygiene products, bar soap, handwash, sanitiser, Lather Shaving Cream.


Godrej shaving cream with unique combination of Lanolin offers totally different experience. Shaves are extremely smooth with rich foam cream of Godrej.

Park Avenue


Park Avenue shaving products for men including creams, foam and lotion. Shaving cream from Park Avenue brand contains lemongrass and not only offers ultimate shaving experience but also leaves your skin soft and moisturized.



Axe brand owned by Unilever company and known as Lynx in the United Kingdom. The most popular products of Axe in India are shaving cream, deodorant and aftershave.



Nivea personal care brand from Germany is now producing all different kind of products for men and women personal care. Shaving creams, shampoo and deodorants are among the popular products of Nivea.



Gillette not only offer shaving creams but also shaving gels, soap and foams along with razors and blades for men. Gillette brand of safety razors owned by Procter & Gamble.


Patanjali Herbal Shaving Cream is made with ghritkumari, tulsi, neem and haladi that offers moisturizer to face and revitalizes skin tissue. Patanjali shaving cream for men is using natural ingredients to lubricates the skin for comfortable shave.

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