Top 10 Most Popular Brands of Coffee in India

Coffee beans are the source of coffee powders in India, Well known for its rich taste, flavour and strong aroma and divided into basically two types – Arabica and Robusta. There are 13 different varieties of coffee grown in India and identified based on region such as Anamalais,Wayanaad, Chikmaglur and Coorg are famous for both the Arabica and Robusta coffee in India.



The Nescafe brand of coffee by Nestle is one of the most trusted brands in India, offers instant coffee and chicory as Sunrise. Nescafe Sunrise and Nescafe Classic are two most popular signature coffee from the best beans from coffee farms in South India.



Bru instant coffee brand is owned by Hindustan Unilever Limited, One of the India’s first packaged filter coffee. The freshly roasted Bru coffee is perfect mix of 70% coffee and 30% chicory, a blend of choicest Arabica and Robusta beans carefully selected from South India.

Tata Coffee


Tata Coffee company owned by the Tata Global Beverages and is the largest coffee plantation company in India. The company owns 19 coffee estates in Southern India and Tata Starbucks supply coffee beans to stores around the world.

Starbucks company and coffeehouse chain with the alliance of Tata Coffee offers roast coffee beans in India. Tata Starbucks now operate all Starbucks outlets in India with A Tata Alliance and started selling coffee.

Blue Tokai


Blue Tokai Coffee offers roasted and Arabica coffee beans from the best plantation across South India. The company has large coffee plantation in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala where both Arabica and Robusta coffee are grown under the shade of a wide variety of trees.



The instant Coffee by Davidoff is a very popular coffee brand in India, has a very strong aroma with an arrangement of flavors and scents.



The real Indian filter coffee by Lavazza like Espresso 250gm beans are specially selected Arabica beans from India. Lavazza coffee is preferred by Italians, offers unique variety of coffee with Italian espresso.

The Flying Squirrel


The Flying Squirrel offers and grow some of the best coffee in the forested estates in Coorg. Coorg is a picturesque district in Karnataka, famous for pepper, vanilla, citrus fruits, avocados, ginger, honey and coffee beans.

The Indian Bean


The Indian Bean offers wide range of freshly roasted coffee in India, from Chikmagalur, Kodaikanal and somewhere from the Sahyadri mountain range. The Western Ghats of Karnataka beans offers best south Indian filter coffee with strength and aroma.

Seven Beans


Seven Beans Coffee company is a enterprise between Indian coffee planters and Italian roasters. The coffee estates are located deep in Chikmagalur at an elevation of 3700 feet, offering both Arabica and Robusta plantation.

Narasu Coffee


Narasu company came into existence in the 1926 and today one of the most popular coffee companies in South India. High Quality of coffee beans are blends and marketed with various brands with high principles of ethics, quality and integrity.

Cafe Coffee Day/ Starbucks/ Indian Coffee House

Cafe Coffee Day is also a company that grows coffee in Chikmagalur coffee estates of 20,000 acres. The company is the largest producer of arabica coffee beans in India and the company also expanded business outside India.

Indian Coffee House was one of the most popular restaurant chain in India and now has several branches in different cities of Kolkata, Dharamsala, Bangalore and Jabalpur.

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  • Hrishika Gupta says:

    The content is nice but I was expecting Perfetto Coffee and Country Bean also in the list. Bru and Nescafe are not even pure coffee, just some cheap chicory.

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